'Bachelor' Colton Underwood Just Deleted All of His Tweets for Some Reason

Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor hasn’t even started yet, but there has already been a ton drama (and let’s be real, Chris Harrison has never been prouder). Not only was there a bit of a messy breakup with his ex Tia Booth on Bachelor in Paradise, but also earlier this month fans found fat-shaming and Bachelor-slamming tweets from one of the current contestants.

And now it looks like in an effort to avoid any further negative PR for himself or the show, Colton has gone ahead and deleted all of his tweets. Why he didn’t delete the whole account is unclear, but all he left fans with is a single tweet saying “✌🏼.”


Theoretically it’s a good move, but a) why didn’t he do this BEFORE he went on the franchise in the first place and b) all it makes me think is that he has something to hide (right?!). And because it was likely a PR person who told him to do it (let’s be honest), it also seems like a smarter/more subtle way to avoid drama would have been for said PR person to comb through his old tweets and delete anything offensive.

But as my mom told me, you can never fully delete something once it’s been posted to the internet, so if there is in fact something that Colton is trying to hide—and there might not be!—there’s still a chance that it will pop up. Until then, enjoy his season of The Bachelor!

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