‘The Bachelorette’ Live Blog: Will Becca Choose Garrett Or Blake?

It’s time for Becca Kufrin to make her final pick on ‘The Bachelorette’! Find out who she chooses by following along with our live blog of the Aug. 6 finale!

Becca Kufrin and her final two guys, Garrett Yrigoyen and Blake Horstmann are in the Maldives for the finale of The Bachelorette! At the beginning of the finale, Becca is admittedly in love with both guys, and knows she’ll have a tough decision to make. Luckily, some of her family members are in town to help her talk through it, but they’re obviously hesitant about any guy Becca brings into their lives after her heart was so broken by Arie Luyendyk Jr. last season.

She introduces Garrett to the family first, and his previous marriage is obviously a topic of discussion. Garrett explains that his ex didn’t make an effort with his family, which is why he ended things. He’s put in the hot seat about it, but handles himself well. Garrett even breaks down in tears while opening up about some of the similar difficulties he and Becca have gone through, as well as while he professes his love and talks about his plans for the future with her. By the end of the day, it’s clear that Becca’s family approves of Garrett. Her sister even admits that she feels like she’s already known Garrett forever!

Blake is up next, and he opens up to Becca’s sister about how he fell in love with Becca because she’s such a strong woman. Like Garrett, he opens up about why he’s so in love, and Becca’s sister can understand why Becca is so torn by the end of the conversation. Meanwhile, Blake has a bit of a tough time during the meeting when he’s asked to talk about Garrett, and he admits that he has a bad feeling in the pit of his stomach by the end of the day.

Becca’s family lets her know that they loved both guys, but they do feel that Blake is more on the same page as her compared to Garrett. Clearly, Becca is stressed about making a final decision, and sobs to her mother about not wanting to hurt anyone.

Finally, it’s time for Becca’s final date with Garrett. Unlike Blake, Garrett doesn’t seem to have any qualms or nerves — he just can’t wait to get down on one knee. Garrett also gets one last chance to really put into words exactly how he feels for Becca, and they have a deep conversation about what their future will be like. Becca gives Garrett a chance to ask any final questions he may have, but he says he’s completely confident in their relationship.

Blake gets his turn next, and when the day starts out, he seems must more relaxed than the last time he left Becca. He definitely realizes that Becca is internally struggling with making this decision, and urges her to live in the moment on their last date rather than worrying about it.

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