Baskin-Robbins’ New Gigantic "Freak Shakes" Come In 3 Flavors & One Of Them Is UNICORN

Baskin-Robbins is going all out for National Ice Cream Day this year — it’s July 15 — with some really extreme milkshakes. For a limited time, Baskin-Robbins will offer Freak Shakes, which are perfect for anyone who wanted one of those giant candy-covered milkshakes that went viral, but were previously unable to get their hands on one. Plan your Instagram posts accordingly, the time has come.

According to a press release from Baskin-Robbins, the shakes will be available from July 15 until July 31, and there will be three options to choose from.

First up, the Unicorn Freak Shake, which is a brilliant choice since it really speaks to the unicorn obsession that has taken over the nation — nay, the world. The Unicorn Freak Shake has a lot going on. Baskin-Robbins, you can take it from here:

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