Beauty queen says her unusual day job is ‘most rewarding’ career she could ask for

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Robyn Morrison spends her days working as a funeral director and funeral home manager and in the evenings she teaches cheerleading to children. The 45-year-old takes part in beauty pageants in her spare time, often at weekends.

She said: “It’s completely different to what I do on a daily basis but it’s a nice change because I’m dealing with such heavy, serious things all day,” said Robyn. “It’s nice to go and teach a cheerleading class and have fun with the children.”

Ms Morrison, who is from Sydney, Australia, but now lives in Mirfield, West Yorkshire, speaks to grieving families and provides support while listening to their requests for the funeral – such as which coffin they would like, which music they want played and what they want the day to look like when they say their final goodbye to their loved one.

The beauty queen added: “It’s a varied role and it can be difficult at times but I wouldn’t change it for the world, because if I can help families through their most difficult time it is the most rewarding job that I can have.”

The former police detective relocated to the UK with a plan to join a police force here but found herself applying to become a funeral arranger, staying at the same funeral home in Huddersfield and working her way up to be the manager there.

Ms Morrison said: “If you can just help a family a little bit through that difficult time it is so rewarding. I just think if it was my loved one, how I would want someone to really look after that person while in care, so when we bring someone into our care at the funeral home we really do look after them.”

Her team often receive gifts like chocolates from families to say thank you for their efforts in organising the funeral and granting their wishes for the day.

Robyn has been involved in dancing since a young age and now runs her own dance and cheerleading school where she coaches after her day shifts at the funeral home.

For 10 years, Robyn has also been competing in beauty pageants all over the world and has been very successful, winning several pageants in the UK.

She temporarily stopped competing as she was busy with other commitments, including her full-time job as funeral director and manager.

However, she enjoys them and is starting to enter them again now – with the next one will take part in being Wales’ Miss Diamond in August.

She said: “If I don’t win, it doesn’t matter. I do it for a good cause and I do it to meet different people and I do it because I enjoy it.

“The women are beautiful but super intelligent as well and doing things for good causes which is what I’m all about.”

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