These Behind-the-Scenes Horror Movie Photos Might Make You a Little Less Scared — Hopefully

A Quiet Place

Here’s your friendly reminder that horror movies are not, in fact, real life. Even so, it’s easy to forget that as you’re immersed in the story, watching a helpless protagonist run away from a deranged killer or a spirit float through the hallways of a family’s isolated manor. You know what helps? Looking at behind-the-scenes pictures from the movies that terrify you. Black Swan becomes much less maddening when Natalie Portman is just chatting up the director, and the same can be said for A Quiet Place when you remember that John Krasinski and Emily Blunt are married in real life and not actually hiding from monsters. Ahead, see 30-plus on-set horror movie pictures that will hopefully make you a little less scared of them.

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