Bella Hadid: Why She’s Being ‘Extremely Secretive’ About Her Rekindled Romance With The Weekend

We’re learning that Bella Hadid is wanting to keep her newly rekindled romance with The Weeknd under wraps following their kiss in Cannes! Here’s all the EXCLUSIVE details!

Will The Weeknd and Bella Hadid officially get back together following their make-out session in France? At this point, it’s anyone’s guess. However, thanks to our insiders, we’re learning that the gorgeous 21-year-old is hoping to keep whatever’s happening between them out of the public for the time being. “Bella is being extremely secretive about her status with Abel [Tesfaye] because her family does not approve,” a source tells EXCLUSIVELY. “They haven’t forgiven him for the way he treated her. He didn’t just break her heart, he demolished it. She was [at] rock bottom for a very long time after they broke up and it was her family that had to help her heal. They don’t want to see her go back to that dark place. They simply don’t trust him and Bella totally gets it, she knows they are just trying to protect her.”

The insider added that the real struggle is with herself after all the heartache the 28-year-old crooner caused her when he left her for Selena Gomez. “But she still loves Abel, no one else has been able to make her forget about him. This is a struggle between her head and her heart. For that reason she hasn’t agreed to go all in with him yet, she’s not ready.”

We also learned that Bella heavily fears losing fans’ respect by taking Weeknd back after he humiliated her with Selena. “Then there’s all the people that are going to be judging her for taking him back after the whole Selena situation. No doubt that’s embarrassing and uncomfortable for her, but that’s not what’s holding her back. This is way more about Abel putting in the time and effort to prove to Bella and to her family that he’s worth giving second chance.”

As we previously reported, Abel and Bella were spied locking lips at a party in Cannes on May 10. Afterward, the former couple reported left the gathering together, naturally convincing fans that their relationship might be getting a second chance!

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