‘Below Deck’ Preview: Rhylee & Chandler Get Into A Nasty Fight — Watch

Tensions are boiling over big time in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the all-new episode of ‘Below Deck.’ Rhylee goes off on Chandler for his ‘condescending’ tone with her! Watch now!

There’s barely any smooth sailing on Below Deck these days. When Chandler tells Rhylee that he doesn’t want to find any more drop towels on deck and to “use your eyes,” things take a dramatic turn. Chandler asks her to read what’s on the towel, which clearly says “drop” on it. “Stop speaking to me condescendingly,” Rhylee snaps back. “I’m over it.”

Chandler says that he doesn’t want to hear any backtalk because of the guests right upstairs. A nasty fight unravels between them, and Chandler puts his finger in Rhylee’s face and tells her stop yelling. That only provokes Rhylee more. “If you want to hear me yell, I’ll yell, and you’ll know the f**king difference.” Chandler walks away, but Rhylee refuses to let the fight die. She’s going to get the last word.

“You speak to me condescendingly one more time, I’m taking it to the f**king captain,” Rhylee says. She’s serious, too. She’s not going to let anyone talk to her like that. Also in the clip, Kate gets annoyed when she asks Caroline to clean up the laundry room, but Caroline puts off her assignment for a “smoke break.” Kate would rather Caroline just sneak the cigarette rather than announcing it to everyone over the radio. Meanwhile, she’s not even taking a smoke break! She’s filing her nails! Come on, Caroline. Below Deck airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. Bravo.

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