‘Besotted new mum’ Princess Eugenie makes ‘wonderful nod’ to Sarah Ferguson in sweet video

Princess Eugenie hopes son August 'will make a difference'

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Princess Eugenie, 30, has made her first video appearance since becoming a mother last month. The royal was interviewed about her charity The Anti Slavery Collective for an episode of CNBC’s Finding Solutions. In a preview clip for the programme, Eugenie mentions her mother Sarah Ferguson as well as revealing her hopes for her son August Philip Hawke’s future.

Asked by interviewer Tania Bryer about The Anti Slavery Collective’s mission, Eugenie gives her mum Sarah Ferguson, 60, a key mention.

The Princess said: “We launched about three years ago now and it came because my best friend Jules and I went with my mum, actually who you know very well, to India back in 2011, and we met this amazing group of people called the Women’s Interlink Foundation.

“We learned from them just the extent of what modern slavery is, this term that is used. 

“And we kind of came back to England and we were like, right, we’re going to do something about this, let’s just become like secret spies and learn everything we can about the modern slavery world, and we took meetings with anyone who would possibly talk to us, and we created The Anti-Slavery Collective from that.” 

Body language expert Judi James analysed the new clip of Eugenie and shared her findings with Express.co.uk.

Judi said: “There’s an air of spontaneous, chatty informality from Eugenie here as she is interviewed about her charity The Anti-Slavery Collective.

“Eugenie seems modest, too. Her greeting ritual involves a wide, symmetric, edge-to-edge teeth smile that makes her look both excited and almost childlike.

“Asked questions, her eyes rise up to her left to suggest recalled memory rather than more scripted responses and after three small eye-darts downward she pushes her friend and her mother forward to share the honours of starting the collective.”

Judi added: “There is a wonderful moment of reference as Eugenie refers to ‘My mum’, widening her eyes in acknowledgement that could refer to Fergie’s big personality and laughing and scrunching herself slightly as she tells the interviewer in an aside: ‘who you know very well’.”

Eugenie goes on to discuss the challenges the charity has faced during the pandemic.

The royal said: “The fact that it’s very much a hidden crime, it’s something that people might not be necessarily aware of, it’s maybe in your nail bar, or at your car wash, or your clothes you’re wearing.  

“You know Modern slavery is such a big term but I think it can be cut down into different sort of headings, so like, domestic servitude, or sex trafficking, or different terms like that. ” 

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Eugenie added: “And I think one of the positive things that’s facing modern slavery is that the pandemic has brought people together, to data share more, and to access each other more, and I think there is a lot of momentum now towards people working together, which is great.”

According to Judi, Eugenie’s body language reflects her deep enthusiasm for the project.

The analyst said: “Once Eugenie gets into her theme of explaining the causes of the collective though she begins to use two-handed gesticulation and she raises one eyebrow to suggest a more serious and informative side.”

Eugenie is then asked, “What kind of world do you want your child to grow up in, how do you want to inspire the next generation?”

To which the new mum responds: “I think my child hopefully will be one of those people who will continue to see the world as a place that can be changed.

“I would love people to continue to have hope that we can make a difference.

“I hope that the world will be a place where my child can have hope and continue to know that they can make a big difference.”

According to Judi, Eugenie looks every bit the doting mum when speaking about her child.

The expert said: “Asked about her own child her facial expression softens and her style of speaking becomes more spontaneous again.

“Looking every inch the besotted new mother, Eugenie widens her eyes and rocks gently in her chair as she tells the interviewer that she would like her child to ‘see the world as a place that can be changed’.”

Eugenie is known to be close to her mother Sarah and the besotted grandmother is understood to have been lending a hand with childcare since baby August was born on February 9.

The full interview with Eugenie will air at 10pm on Wednesday evening on CNBC International.

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