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FANCY audio upgrades are a sound investment  – couple that new head unit and speaker set, with a subwoofer to make you smile

Lives are busy and  living quarters can be absurdly close to our neighbours.

You’d be forgiven for wanting to get out on the open road and feel those club beats. Where better than in your car?

How much does a good subwoofer cost?

You can spend as little as £89 or get into crazy figures, circa £300+.

You have to bear in mind that the right and legal thing to do is to inform your insurance company of all modifications to the vehicle.

You don't want to go to your car one morning to find windows smashed and all your decent audio equipment nicked, being flogged on the black market.

That discovery smarts a damn sight harder if you aren’t correctly insured.

Obviously, the more expensive the system, the greater the increase to your policy price.

That’s not to stop you from upgrading to a quality sub-woofer for deep bass. Just be you can cover your new setup.

On to the list – here's our pick of the best car subwoofers on the market.

1. Auna Dual In Car HiFi Subwoofer

  • Auna Dual In Car HiFi Subwoofer, £154.99 from Amazon- buy here

Auna’s Dual In-Car Hifi Subwoofer is a powerful 30cm twin set-up.

With durable casing and computer-optimised chassis design, the stylish black look can be accented with an optional sweet neon-blue LED light effect.

This subwoofer offers amazing sound quality with 1200W performance.

It isn’t cheap, but sweet gold-plated screw terminals, a protective plastic jacket and a near-flawless construction more than justify the price tag.

Users love the build quality and the depth of the bass. It’s also a doddle to set up, but take care you don’t blow your speakers.

2. EDGE 10 inch V2 Audio Active Enclosure Subwoofer

  • EDGE 10 inch V2 Audio Active Enclosure Subwoofer, £99 from Halfords – buy here

There are plenty of puns to make about the name of this subwoofer – on the cutting edge of affordable.

Still, this 10” Edge Audio Active Enclosure Subwoofer delivers powerful bass and impressive design for a very accessible price.

Side mounted ports are one feature of its tough, yet lightweight and compact design. Using highly dense MDF, finished with carpet, there’s a built-in discrete channel to hide amp wiring, and tech to keep the unit cool.

The Edge EDB10 boasts 750 W peak power with 250W RMS -a bit on the high side for us.

3. Pioneer TS-WX130DA Space Saving Active Subwoofer with Built-In Class-D Amplifier

  • Pioneer TS-WX130DA Space Saving Active Subwoofer, £146.90 from Amazon – buy here

This 160W creation from Pioneer is the perfect combination for an under-seat subwoofer.

The space-saving design comes with cool features that really pique our interest.

Easy-to-connect, this sub features a digital bass remote control and a built-in Class D amp. The winning feature on this Pioneer TS-WX130DA, though, is the dynamic function that enhances the sound experience.

By intelligently managing different frequencies – i.e. digitally plugging gaps in fidelity – this subwoofer isn’t just about bass.

The price is on point for this kind of quality and technology – Pioneer meets expectation again.

4. Rockford Fosgate PS-8- Single 8" Punch Powered Loaded Enclosure

  • Rockford Fosgate Loaded Enclosure, £299.95 from Amazon- buy here

Another under-seat sub, this time from Rockford Fosgate – a highly respected car audio brand.

This 20cm unit has 150W RMS, perfect for maintaining that all-important balance.

This isn’t the sub for you, if you’re looking to shake the windows of the houses two miles away.

At 8”, the build quality ensures tracks have enough bass, while also adding a fair bit of punch to create a ‘whole’ sound to factory-fitted systems and reduce tinniness.

While the price is a stretch for some budget, this sturdy pre-enclosed system should create a reliably improved audio experience for most.

What is the best car audio subwoofer?

Determining the best subwoofer is hard, as it very much depends on your tastes.

Most compact, deepest bass or hardest-hitting are some of the top qualities different subwoofers have.

But the key things to bear in mind when you’re picking a subwoofer for your car are:


The most common subwoofer sizes are 10” and 12”; ’tens’ and ‘twelves'. The bigger, the more powerful, though it’s a balance.

Unless you only want to hear bass, tens will be sufficient – and will be more likely to fit in the boot.


The RMS is key to ensuring you don’t blow your entire system and create more expense -bigger isn’t always better.

Stay with 150 RMS (peak 300) ideally and you should be more than satisfied. Go higher for greater volume and power.


Unless you passed Design and Technology with flying colours, get an enclosed or sealed sub. Bare subs need their own frames building.

This suits if you want more flexibility in fitment, but if you get it wrong, it’ll be costly for many reasons.

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