Best Christmas Jumpers For Men 2019 | The Sun UK

CHRISTMAS JUMPERS have become as essential a part of the Christmas celebrations as turkey, presents, and spending Boxing Day splayed out on the sofa watching telly.

After all, Christmas jumpers aren’t just for Christmas day: they’re a fun thing to wear in your Christmas card photos, and they’ve become the uniform of office Christmas parties.

There’s even a national Christmas Jumper Day (it falls on December 13th this year), which happens to be a fundraising initiative from Save the Children.

There are different ways to go down the Christmas jumper route if you’re a guy.
You can go brazen, getting an ugly Christmas jumper that’s totally over the top, with twinkling lights and all.

Or you can choose a more subtle Fair Isle Christmas jumper, one that can be worn with jeans, on a regular winter’s day.

Just remember: whatever style you choose, the key to making the Christmas jumper look work is all about attitude. Embrace the cheesiness!

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