Best Drugstore Sunscreens That Won’t Break The Bank

Summertime is in full swing! People are out and about on a daily basis, spending time at the pool, the beach, and the parks. It also means they are buying sunscreen, or they should be at least.

Protecting your skin from the harmful UV Rays can get expensive if you go to a department store or even a beauty store. Luckily, there are many amazing sunscreens you can pick up at your local drugstore. Not only are these three products great for your skin, but they are also great for your wallet too.

According to GQ, Neutrogena Beach Defense is both a water and sun protector. That means it will stay on in the water plus it also protects you against the harmful rays beating off the water. It comes in various SPF ranges up to 70. Plus, you have your choice of lotion, spray or stick, which is amazing because most sunscreens only come in one option.

Two summer must-haves: yummy ice cream and powerful sunscreen. Happy #NationalIceCreamDay! ?

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Blue Lizard is a sunscreen designed for intense sun exposure such as a pale person spending the day at the beach. Blue Lizard has titanium dioxide/zinc in it, which usually results in the heavy pasty white color. However, this Australian product does not have the awful color. Plus, as an Australian brand, suffers down under swear by this particular sunscreen. One bottle goes for #15.

#BlueLizard comes in a range of formulas from baby to active to sport, so no matter what you’re doing in the sun you’re protected against sun rays! ([email protected])

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Coppertone Defend and Care Ultra Hydrate Whipped Sunscreen is another excellent brand and awesome sunscreen. It not only protects your skin from the sun, but it also hydrates your skin. The whipped texture makes your skin feel smooth and silky as opposed to sticky. It only goes to SPF 50 but don’t let that scare you, Coppertone knows what it is doing when it comes to sunscreen. This gen will only cost you $10.

Spend all summer long outside with your friends and new Coppertone® Whipped. Keep the party going with strong sun protection that feels light on skin! #CoppertoneWhipped

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There are more options for sunscreens at the drugstore, but the above three have not only the best rating but come from the top name brands. They are all 100% percent reliable in their products, and that is important when buying sunscreen. The last thing you want is a sunscreen that doesn’t work. These products prove sometimes the cheaper products are the best choice.


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