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THE BEST home fans come in a range of options.

There’s your standard desk fans, pedestal fans on stands, tall tower fans, floor fans and fans that hang from the ceiling.

Ceiling fans, especially ones with lights, are a great alternative to desk, tower and floor fans because you don’t have to keep getting them out or putting them away.

They’ve also come a long way from the garish designs of the 1980s and 1990s.

Pedestal and tower fans are great for placing in the corner of a large room, while floor fans are perfect for offices or your home study, because the air isn’t blasted directly onto your face and they don’t take up room if desk space is at a premium.

Below we’ve rounded up our pick of the best home fans using our own expert opinion and customer reviews.

1. Best home fan

  • Dyson Cool AM07 tower fan, £339 from Dyson – buy here

The best home fan, and one that will require a small investment, is Dyson’s AM07 Cool tower fan.

It’s the taller, larger sibling to its Dyson Cool AM06 desk fan that featured in our best desk fan round-up, and comes with a myriad of practical, highly-engineered features.

If you can get past its slightly unusual bladeless design, the AM07 uses its curved shape to generate a powerful, uninterrupted stream of air using its so-called AirMultiplier technology.

This stream has enough power to cool you down but isn’t as harsh as some other tower fans. Its design also makes it easy to clean.

A sleep timer and remote control lets you manage how long, and at what speed and oscillation, the fan operates, and Dyson’s engineers have made the Dyson Cool 40% more energy-efficient and 75% quieter than other such fans on the market.

2. Best ceiling fan

  • AEG D-VL 5567, £120.26 from Amazon – buy here

AEG specialises in home appliances but also offers a great range of ceiling fans that combine power and style without being too loud.

The AEG D-VL 5567’s five blades are made from stainless steel and three halogen lights hang below them.

Two pull cords separately operate the blades and the lights and the fan itself comes with three power settings: 80, 130 and 170 revolutions a minute.

Even on the fastest setting, the blades have been engineered to produce little noise, making this fan great for bedrooms, or living rooms where you don’t want the whirr of a fan interrupting the TV.

Its 132cm wingspan is also wide enough to provide cooling for larger rooms.

Ceiling fans aren’t everyone’s cup of tea but if you want one that looks good and works well, AEG is a popular choice.

3. Best pedestal fan

  • Sohler 216598, £21.99 from Amazon – buy here

The number one best-selling pedestal fan on Amazon is the Sohler 216598 standing fan.

Its black design and strong branding on the fan’s grille may not be to everyone’s taste but its price, size, and the fact you can adjust its height (up to 1.3 metres), make it ideal for various rooms around the home, and even an office.

The 16-inch grille houses three plastic blades that rotate at three speeds and this grille can be titled to further change the direction of the air.

A lever on the top switches it from static to oscillating mode. The Sohler 216598 is both powerful and quiet without breaking the bank.

4. Best floor fan for homes

  • Stadler Form O-009, £151 from Amazon – buy here

If it’s a floor fan you’re after, the Stadler Form O-009 combines style and function. Its frame is made from a single piece of bamboo and its blades rotate in three power settings.

Stadler Form is a Swiss company that specialises in elegant fan designs and this is an incredibly attractive appliance that will suit most homes.

It’s not the most powerful of fans, nor does it oscillate, so you’re paying more (quite a bit more, actually) for style compared to substance, but it still generates a decent amount of cooling power while creating little noise.

5. Best tower fan

  • Dimplex Mont Blanc, £110 from Amazon – buy here

Tower fans have a tendency to be bulky and a little ugly.

Dimplex’s Mont Blanc breaks this mould. It’s tall, slim design and small base (the unit measures 1.2m high and only 31cm wide) means it can easily be tucked in a corner to cool the room without getting in the way.

It offers three speed settings that can be manually controlled on a discreet LED display, or via a remote control, and this can also be used to switch it from static to oscillating mode, and set the 8-hour sleep timer.

Instead of blades, the Dimplex Mont Blanc has what’s called directional louvres which are slanted fins that help better control the flow of air and generate less whirr.

Ideal if you’re keeping it in an office and don’t want your papers blowing in the wind.

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