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BEER AND FASHION have something in common: just like we swap out our summer clothes for our winter warmers, once the chill sets in, those light and airy summer beers can’t compete with the hearty, wintry ones.

How can you tell if your beer is a winter beer? It’s all in the flavours and appearance: think seasonal spices and rich, warm colours – many winter beers are bottom fermented in cooler temperatures.

A winter beer goes best with you lying curled on the sofa with the fire crackling (it’ll warm you up even if you have no fireplace to speak of).

You’ll also find that winter beers often have a higher alcoholic content, typically ranging from 6.5%-8%, compared with 4-5% on regular beers.

Winter beer sampling is an event in itself, if you're keen to become more of a connoisseur: there are winter beer festivals across the country, from Manchester to Birmingham to Devon, where you can taste-test ales, lagers, ciders and stouts to your heart’s delight.

There’s even an annual Winter Beer of Britain Competition: Lacon’s Brewery Audit Ale, a spiced barley wine, won the top prize in 2019.

In addition to a variety of full-bodied and spiced beers, you’ll also find winter beers with pudding flavours like gingerbread and toffee – perfect to delight anyone with a sweet tooth, and even tempt non-beer lovers into drinking the beverage.

For anyone hoping for a festive-themed brew, there are plenty of winter beers designed to bring the Christmas spirit into your glass, like the multi-award winning Christmas Ale from Harvey’s. Yo-ho-ho-hops!

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