Bill Cosby: After first week in prison, he’s in ‘good spirits,’ takes daily calls from wife Camille

Convicted sex assailant Bill Cosby has spent one week in a Pennsylvania prison as of Tuesday, and so far, according to his spokesman and a prison spokeswoman: He is in “good spirits” and feels safe with prison trustees to guide him around. He’s not been attacked or in a fight; he talks daily by phone to his wife Camille; and he’s pleased the prison staff has treated him “respectfully.”  

Meanwhile, the clock is ticking on Cosby’s vow to appeal his three-to-10 years sentence and his April conviction on three counts of aggravated indecent sexual assault. 

His defense lawyer, Joseph Green, declined to comment to USA TODAY on when he plans to file pleadings or what arguments he might make. “We’ll let our pleading speak for itself,” he said.

But Andrew Wyatt, Cosby’s fiery publicist who accused prosecutors, accusers and their lawyers of conducting “the most racist and sexist trial in the history of the United States,” says Cosby, 81, and legally blind, is coping well in SCI Phoenix, a new state prison outside Philadelphia.

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