Bill Cosby Has Allegedly Been Caught With Drugs While On House Arrest, Per ‘RadarOnline’

Just days before he’s set to be sentenced for the multiple sexual assaults he’s been convicted of committing, it’s been revealed that Bill Cosby is living in a den of filth, junk food, and drugs.

RadarOnline has the report about Bill Cosby‘s den of iniquity, which they presented after rooting through his trash outside his home in Cheltenham, Pennsylvania.

The disgraced comedian is required to stay there until he’s sentenced in July — where some legal scholars speculate that he’ll be sentenced to spend the rest of his life behind bars.

And what’s been shown in the exclusive report reveals some very disturbing things, indeed.

The first thing that they reported is that, when they opened up the trash bag, the smell of marijuana emerged almost immediately, and they saw a bunch of ashes from smoked marijuana joints, as well.

In the next frame, they showed that there was a package of High Hemp brand marijuana joint papers, further adding to the speculation that Bill Cosby was getting as high as a kite in his home while on house arrest.

As soon as the four zeros went up – my memory went to a black and white photo of Steve Van Buren running with the football in the snow. Congratulations to the Philadelphia Eagles for winning SuperBowl LII #EaglesSuperBowlChamps#PhiladelphiaEagles #RIPSteveVanBuren

— Bill Cosby (@BillCosby) February 5, 2018

There was also some evidence that someone in the house has a rather expensive gambling habit — specifically, playing the state lottery and buying a lot of scratch-off tickets. Many of the tickets were wadded up and stuffed into empty potato chip bags.

But perhaps the most disturbing revelation of all is that there were empty vials of ginseng extract, which RadarOnline claims is used to cure erectile dysfunction and enhance libido — not exactly a good look for someone who was just convicted of sexual assault.

Other trash reveals included a series of Montecristo Cuban cigar stubs (which sell for about $250 a box), pieces of sausages and cinnamon rolls, the rubble from fried chicken, empty bags of junk food, and a flier that was handed around the neighborhood demanding that the community “acquit Bill Cosby,” and accusing the prosecutor of “using” the community for personal gain and professional vendetta.

Bill Cosby spends a night out with friends, fans and loyal supporters at La Veranda Downtown Philadelphia #CosbyLovesPhilly#ThankYouLaVeranda

— Bill Cosby (@BillCosby) January 11, 2018

Bill Cosby was convicted of drugging, and sexually assaulting, Andrea Constand, back in 2004. It was later revealed that Constand was one of 60 women who accused Bill Cosby of this behavior.

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