Blac Chyna Broke Up with YBN Almighty Jay Because He Got Another Girl Pregnant

In case you missed the earth-shattering news, Blac Chyna has broken up with her 18-year-old boyfriend YBN Almighty Jay. “WHY, GOD, WHY?” you might ask. “IS LOVE DEAD?”

Well, we have some answers. A source tells TMZ that Chyna “felt disrespected because the 18-year-old rapper was slipping into a few girls’ DMs.” The same source reports that Jay was hanging out with other women, was arguing with Chyna, and—oh yeah—that he “knocked up a chick too.”

That said, another source close to Jay tells TMZ that there’s no confirmation yet that he’s got a kid on the way.”

Hmmm, is now a good time to bring up the time Jay gave an interview and mused “I don’t wear condoms. . . I would not want to f*ck a bitch I did not want to get pregnant.”

Live and learn, buddy!

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