Black Friday shopper isn’t happy with PrettyLittleThing’s pricing

PrettyLittleThing customer claims a ‘discounted’ coat marked down to £54 during Black Friday sales had been available for £50 ‘a few weeks’ earlier

  • Fast-fashion e-tailer was offering up to 60 per cent off for Black Friday
  • Mhairi, 22, from Dundee spotted a coat she wanted, reduced from £60 to to £54
  • But Mhairi claimed it had been on sale for £50 within the past few weeks
  • PrettyLittleThing claimed prices regularly fluctuate across the site 
  • There is no suggestion the brand has broken any Trading Standards Rules  

A disgruntled shopper has accused online fast fashion retailer PrettyLittleThing of selling a ‘discounted’ coat in its Black Friday sale at a figure higher than the original price.

Mhairi, 22, from Dundee was confused when she discovered that the coat she had been eyeing up just a few weeks ago was on sale for £54 after apparently being reduced from £60.

However, she claimed that the original price of the coat before the Black Friday sale was £50, making the ‘reduced’ buy more expensive.  

She posted an image of the coat priced at £50 on Twitter, saying: ‘How is it that the same jacket from a few weeks ago is no more expensive in the Black Friday sales?’

It is not clear when exactly the coat was on sale for £50, but Trading Standards say that pre-sale item prices should be the last price at which goods were offered – and the goods should have been at that price for 28 consecutive days in the previous six months.

There is no suggestion that PrettyLittleThing has done anything illegal as prices fluctuate on the same item over time in many retail outlets.

According to the shopper the jacket she was looking at had been £50 just a ‘few weeks ago’ but during the Black Friday sales the same item’s original price appeared to have been changed

The same coat is currently displayed on the site states the original price is £60, and with discount applied is £54 – four pounds more expensive than the price when the shopper took the picture which is currently unknown 

The PLT shopper shared the images on Twitter asking why there were differences in the pricing that the site had displayed

The customer care Twitter page for the online shopping site replied to @Mhairi: ‘This is due to fluctuations in the current market which unfortunately is out of our control’

Mhairi tweeted two images of the same coat with the different prices, claiming they were being sold just ‘a few weeks’ apart. 

It is not clear what price the item was last sold at prior to the Black Friday promotion.

The customer care Twitter page for the online shopping site initially replied to @Mhairi, explaining: ‘This is due to fluctuations in the current market which unfortunately is out of our control. 

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‘Our teams closely monitor pricing to ensure PLT remains competitive, we have additional offers running over the Black Friday weekend.’

A spokesperson for Pretty Little Thing told the MailOnline: ‘The borg jacket was marked up to a higher price point several weeks ago and was not increased in conjunction with any planned cyber promotion.

‘The jacket won’t be going back to the lower price point and we have contacted the customer directly to explain this.’

One US shopper had a similar experience with her attempting to purchase the same skirt but in a different size only to find the original prices were not the same resulting in different discounts

Other bargain hunters were not impressed as one US woman said she had bought the same skirt in different sizes but was paying more over Black Friday.

‘Bought the same skirt in a different size… both at 50% off but I’m paying more with the Black Friday sale,’ she explained.

‘I knew PrettyLittleThing Black Friday “sales” were not making any sense,’ said one.

‘PrettyLittleThing doing reverse Black Friday sales,’ joked another.  

Other shoppers were not impressed with the discounted items and the prices, with one saying the sales didn’t ‘make sense’ 

Research by This is Money has proved that shoppers should pause before they purchase as the discount shopping event doesn’t usually offer the best deals within a two month period.

The American fell on 23 November this year – but has been stretched out for a week or more by some retailers – promising to deliver the biggest discounts on the public’s favourite brands.

But a large proportion of items on ‘sale’ are actually cheaper a month either side of the event, data from product price comparison website Idealo shows.

According to This Is Money when comparing the average price of popular products on the Black Friday weekend in 2017, items such as smartphones, tablets, games consoles and vacuum cleaners were all found to be more expensive on the day, as opposed to four weeks either side of the event.

Research found that electronic devices were the most sought after items on Black Friday with smartphones topping the list of most wanted products.

Further research from Idealo found that nearly all items could be found cheaper at different points around the year.

They compared prices of over 20,000 products over a 12 month period and discovered that some of the best selling products on Black Friday were substantially less expensive on different dates.

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