Blogger had weight-loss surgery despite being eight and a half stone

Blogger underwent weight-loss surgery despite only weighing eight and a half stone – and was left close to death

  • Venus Palermo, 21, grew up in London but now lives in Japan as a ‘living doll’
  • Surgeon in South Korea closed part of stomach and removed 120cm intestines
  • After a year her weight fell to six stone after stitches collapsed
  • Doctors said she was close to death as food was not entering her stomach  

A young woman had a near-death experience after she had weight loss surgery at just eight and half stone, as she believed she was obese.

Venus Palermo, 21, who grew up in London but now lives in Japan claims to have contacted over fifty doctors from around the world, but found only one was willing to do the surgery.

The YouTube star and ‘living doll’ better known by her channel name of ‘Venus Angelic’, made the trip to South Korea so that she could have the dramatic procedure, which involved sewing shut a portion of her stomach to make it smaller and removing 120cm of her intestines.

At first, she claims, the surgery was a success and she managed to maintain a weight of 8st and 4lbs.

Wanting to appear ‘naturally skinny’ she kept the surgery a secret, but about a year later she began to get sick and could no longer eat any food or water.

Constantly throwing up, her weight plummeted to just over six stone and she had to be admitted to hospital, where doctors fears for her life and had to drip feed her. 

It was discovered the stitches had collapsed, meaning food was going into the closed-off part of her stomach, and she needed emergency surgery to repair her stomach.

Venus, 21, said: ‘It was devastating when the doctor came into my room and said we would need to do surgery.

Venus Palermo who grew up in London but now lives in Japan saw her weight plummet to six stone after having surgery to reduce the size of her stomach 

Venus before surgery: Although she was naturally slim, the YouTube star suffered from body dysmorphia and believed she was obese 

‘I felt so dumb I cared so much about something unnecessary and hurt myself and my husband.

‘When I started to puke out just water I realised something was really wrong.

‘It was really scary and it was very painful – I honestly thought I was going to die.

Venus suffered from body issue from a young age and says she saw herself as morbidly obese, despite her slim frame.

After a year, Venus discovered the stitches in her stomach had collapsed and she needed emergency surgery to repair the internal damage

Venus’ weight plummetted to six stone after a year and she couldn’t keep down any food or water  

‘At the time I got the surgery what I really needed was psychological help and not a weight loss surgery.

‘I used to try and avoid looking at myself, but when I out in the city walking around I would see myself in the window’s reflection as this really huge obese person in the way of everyone.

‘I felt like this huge elephant bumping around – I tried to hide myself because I thought I was so big.

She now feels angry at the doctor that was willing to do the surgery on her – saying that she needed psychological help instead.

Venus weighed just eight and a half stone and had a very slim frame when she opted to have part of her stomach closed off to help her lose weight 

The YouTube star and ‘living doll’ is better known by her channel name of ‘Venus Angelic’

Venus says she hopes her story will stop others from taking such extreme action if they feel bad about their bodies

‘He might have all the qualifications, but a ‘real’ doctor he should have prioritised health over personal gain.

‘I looked surgeons all over the world and asked who would be willing to do it – I must’ve messaged about 50 different, and just one doctor just agreed.

‘When it came to the surgery and he put my mask on, I knew I could die but I wasn’t scared I just felt numb.

Wanting people to believe that she was simply ‘naturally skinny’ Venus kept her surgery a secret for almost two years.

The YouTube star contacted 50 surgeons from around the world and could only find one who was willing to operate on her 

Even keeping the surgery from her boyfriend, until she was forced to reveal the reason for her illness.

‘I kept it a secret for so long – I just felt so so bad that I didn’t want to tell anyone.

‘I told a few friends because I kept getting pain and when I spoke to my girlfriends about it and they were really understanding.

She’s now sharing her story in a bid to help other girls going through the same thing.

Venus says she hopes her story will stop others from taking such extreme action if they feel bad about their bodies.

The blogger now feels angry at the surgeon who agreed to operate on her while she was this size 

The stitches in Venus’ stomach had collapse, meaning food and liquid couldn’t pass through the small intestine 

‘I had to be hospitalised at 90 pounds and my face was white and my fingernails were blue.

‘I got stomach medication and I got nutrients and hydration through an IV so they could keep me alive.

‘The sutures had dropped and liquid and food couldn’t pass through the small intestine, and dropped into the part of the stomach that was closed off.

‘I want to tell others – please don’t take extreme measures no matter how much you hate yourself – I feel like I was kind of suicidal when I was younger.

Venus in hospital before surgery to repair the botched operation which stopped her from absorbing food 

‘I made a mistake in my life – I don’t always do things right I started to learn from my mistakes.

‘I think dwelling on things doesn’t help – I don’t want to live with regret – I want something productive to come from it and to help people.

‘I still have my bad days, but I used to think being skinny was more important than health and now, after this experience, I realise that without health you have nothing.’



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