Blogger who topped charts last year with ode to sausage rolls is back

Dad blogger who had the Christmas number one last year with a charity single about sausage rolls is making ANOTHER bid for the top spot with a second tribute to the pastry treat

  • Mark Hoyle, from Nottingham, gained fame after posting his parenting journey
  • Known as LadBaby, aged 31, reached number one last year with a parody song
  • Beat Ariana Grande and Ava Max to coveted title with song about sausage rolls
  • He is now back with another number one hopeful about his favourite pasty  
  • Tune, parody of ‘I Love Rock’n Roll’ by Joan Jett, will be released on Friday 13th

A father who topped the Christmas charts last year with an ode to sausage rolls is back with another pastry-inspired tune. 

Mark Hoyle, 31, from Nottingham, who blogs under the name LadBaby, announced over the weekend he would release another charity single following last year’s success, which will be available from Friday 13th. 

Hoyle became number one quite unexpectedly last year, beating mega stars like Ariana Grande and Ava Max with his parody of the 1985 song ‘We Built this City’ by Starship, singing ‘We Built This City On Sausage Rolls.’

It had all started as a joke, but Hoyle and his wife, Roxanne, donated all the song’s profits to The Trussell Trust, the country’s largest food bank network. 

In a video published yesterday on his Youtube Channel, the blogger, who counts more than 745,000 subscribers, announced he would release a new song this year, this time to the tune of Joan Jett’s ‘I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll.’ 

Father-of-two from Nottingham and blogger Mark Hoyle, 31, is hoping to achieve his second Christmas number one in a row after topping the charts last year with a charity parody of ‘We Built this City’ by Starship with sausage roll-focused lyrics. Pictured Mark last year with his wife Roxanne as the family learned they’d reached number one

Mark, aka blogger LadBaby, who counts more than 745,000 subscribers on Youtube said he would release a new song on Friday 13

All proceeds of the single, which was produced at Abbey Road will once again be donated to the Trust, which provided 70,000 emergency meal packages to people in need last year, thanks to Hoyle.

‘So everyone’s been asking, haven’t they, “Are you gonna do another song this year?”. And I really wasn’t,’ Hoyle said on his YouTube channel.  

‘But when we think we have the ability to change the lives of that many people, then why would we not,’ he went on.   

‘I wanna raise even more for the people in this country living in poverty.’ 

Speaking on his Youtube channel, Hoyle said he hadn’t planned to put out another single, after donating the proceedings of his hit ‘We Built this city’ parody to food bank charity the Trussell Trust last year 

The father-of-two, pictured after his win last year, picked this year’s song from a top 50 karaoke songs in the UK so that everyone could sing along 

He went on to announce the single was already available for pre-order on several streaming platforms including iTunes and Amazon, and that the song and accompanying video would be released this Friday. 

Speaking to the BBC, Hoyle said: ‘Brace yourself, my singing voice is back.’ 

He also said he and Roxanne had written the new tune in under five hours. 

Teasing the contents of his new opus, Hoyle promised many puns and sausage rolls-related lyrics, such as: ‘I love sausage rolls, so put another on in the oven baby.’

Hoyle said he hoped to help twice as many people as he did last year with his charity single (pictured in 2018) 

He explained the couple picked the tune from the Top 50 karaoke songs in the UK, because they wanted a song that everyone could sing along to. 

If successful, Hoyle will be the third UK act to reach back-to-back Christmas number ones, with the Beatles and the Spice Girls. 

However, this year’s competition might be even fiercer than last’s, with Taylor Swift making a run for the coveted spot with her song ‘Christmas Tree Farm.’ 

Other charity singles are in the running too, with Shaun Dooley, from Broadchurch fame and the Grimethord Colliery Band covering Taylor Swift’s ‘Never Growing Up’ for Children in Need. 

Another contender, Lyra Cole, only six, is already a favourite, with her version of When a Child is born for the Brain Tumour charity.

The young girl, who underwent emergency surgery as a baby, has already dethroned Grime giant Stormzy from the top spot in Amazon download chart with the cover of the 1976 Christmas classic. 

Lyra Cole, six ,(pictured left) has beaten grime artist Stormzy (pictured right) to the top spot of the Amazon download chart with her version of Christmas classic When A Child is Born to raise money for the charity which helped her. Lyra’s aunt Jessie Hawkins said they picked the song because ‘it will really resonate with people’

Hoyle was gobsmacked last year when it was announced his  song ‘We built this city (on sausage rolls) had topped the chart.  

Mark and Roxanne gained viral fame by sharing parenting and budget tips videos on Youtube and other social media platforms. 

The whole idea behind the Christmas single started as a joke when one of their followers told Hoyle he should record a song on sausage rolls.   

Singing about one of the public’s favourite pastries, the lyrics included: ‘If you’ve never had one, And don’t recognise the taste.

‘It’s a cylindrical bit of pork wrapped, In a puff pastry case.’

While the fun lyrics and visuals made last year’s hit a comedic treat, the issue of food banks and hunger was very dear to the family’s heart. 

Last year, Hoyle revealed he and Roxanne had once struggled to survive on a single income. 

While they never used a food bank themselves, they said they understood families whose only option it was.  

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