Bloke says he sells ‘wife’s pants’ for £20 online – but they’re really his

It is well-known that some people find it kinky to buy women's used underwear online.

However, what they're getting may not always be what they've ordered.

That's because one man has admitted that his "wife's pants" that he sells for £20 a pop online are actually is.

The anonymous guy made the confession to popular Twitter account Fesshole which encourages people on the internet to share their deepest and darkest secrets.

And this man didn't disappoint with his admission.

Writing into the account, which boasts 185,000 followers, he said: "As a side hustle, I sell my wife's used pants for £20 a pair, well that's what my website says.

"In reality I have no wife, I'm a fat sweaty bloke who just rubs a clean pair on my a** a few times and posts them out to satisfied customers – sorry guys."

The post quickly went viral, racking up more than 1,000 likes and tons of comments.

Some seem shocked, as one social media user exclaimed: "I have heard it all now, dear God!"

While another added: "Gobsmackingly amazed that anyone pays for that."

A third chimed in: "Yeah that's enough internet for me today."

However, others found it amusing, as one Twitter user joked: "So where can I get a pair?"

Many weren't happy about the confession though, as they thought the man was 'ripping people off'.

One person fumed: "Saddened by the number of people on this thread who seem to think that it's ok to lie and rip people off. What happened to our moral compass in this country?"

While another added: "It's very sad deceiving people."

Many people are often left gobsmacked by what confessions social media users send into the account.

Also this week, a woman admitted to putting a Crunchie in her vagina after reading about a sex tip in a magazine. However, as you can probably imagine, it didn't end well.

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