Boston Red Sox Tip $195K After Celebrating World Series Win with Epic Night Club Party: Report

The Boston Red Sox know how to party — and they know how to treat waitstaff.

According to TMZ, the team had a big bash thrown by Made Nightlife at Nightingale Plaza in Los Angeles on Sunday night. To celebrate the Sox’s fourth World Series win in 15 years, the players in attendance — including Mookie Betts, Steve Pearce and J.D. Martinez — reportedly spent about $300,000 on libations.

The rundown of the receipt, obtained by the outlet, reportedly shows 60 bottles of Moët & Chandon; 48 bottles of Dom Pérignon; 43 bottles of Ace of Spades; 12 bottles of Perrier-Jouët; 11 bottles of Jameson; five bottles of Veuve Clicquot; and one bottle each of Cristal, Don Julio and Belvedere vodka. The total, including the $195,000 tip they left, reportedly came out to about half a million dollars.

Who exactly paid for all of that? TMZ reports someone associated with the team footed the bill, but a source tells PEOPLE that Martinez picked up some of the tab for his teammates and a generous benefactor may have also contributed. However, the source disputes the bill total, saying it was nowhere near that figure.

In a statement to PEOPLE, a spokeswoman for the Red Sox says, “The team put together a gathering at the hotel for some of the players and their families after the World Series win but did not arrange any outing in the city.”

The Sox beat the L.A. Dodgers after five games on Sunday night. The highly anticipated series, which pitted two of the most popular franchises in all of sports against each other, started with the powerful Red Sox taking two straight games at home. While the Dodgers seemed to keep the score moderately close throughout both games, the Sox opened up leads aided by managerial mistakes by Los Angeles.

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In the first two games, Dodgers manager Dave Roberts kept the team’s four leading hitters out of the starting lineup, the only time this has happened in World Series history. The Sox were also able to capitalize on questionable pitching changes by Roberts, especially when subbing in pitcher Ryan Madson, who let multiple base runners score when taking the mound.

When the series went back to Southern California, the Dodgers were able to take game 3 in what was the longest match-up in series history, clocking in at 18 innings, or seven hours and 20 minutes.

In game 4 of the series, the Dodgers started out strong, scoring four runs in the sixth inning before their opponents were even on the board. But the Sox caught up in the seventh, eighth and ninth, eventually beating the L.A. team 9 to 6.

Game 5 was tight at the beginning, with the Sox coming out of the first inning with two runs and the Dodgers with one, but the latter couldn’t rack up any more points, allowing the Sox to win 5 to 1.

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The last time the two franchises faced each other in the World Series was way back in 1916, when Babe Ruth was in Boston and the Dodgers were known as the Brooklyn Robins.

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