Boy somersaults through air after being struck by car in hit-and-run

A child was thrown into the air after being struck by a passing car – and incredibly managed to escape without being seriously injured.

The little boy was hit after running out between parked cars onto a road in Swansea in July, and was sent catapulting through the air.

Incredibly, the child escaped with only a broken arm and a broken collar bone.

Wales Online reports that since then, the family have given permission for the CCTV footage to be made public.

The video was shown to Swansea Magistrates’ Court, where the driver pleaded guilty for failing to stop after a road accident, and failing to report it.

The court was told the 29-year-old driver had in fact stopped briefly after his vehicle hit the child, but he left the scene moments later.

Mitigating, Giles Hayes told the court the driver had been receiving support from the community mental health team, which he said would lead to ‘hopefully a significant improvement in his health’, and that the defendant was committed and prepared to comply with any orders the court gave him.

Sentencing, District Judge Christopher James said: "The child races out from behind parked vehicle giving [the defendant] little time to react at all.

"Clearly an injury had been sustained by him. After the incident he had been lying by the side of the road, and it was clear you knew he had been struck by your vehicle.

"You stopped after the collision and went to see him. At that stage he was with an adult you believed was known to him.

"Following that you got back in your vehicle and left.

"You must have known he would have been injured by the nature of that collision.

"It is clear an injury was caused in the course of this incident, and I read a statement from the child’s mother that he sustained a fracture to his left arm and collar bone.

"It did not necessitate any surgery and is healing without intervention.

"You did not remain for very long [at the scene] and left effectively without giving your details.

"There is no suggestion that alcohol was involved and it is clear from the CCTV that the child unfortunately ran out in front of you.

"You left soon after clearing in a state of panic.

"You are genuinely regretful and remorseful, and the effect it has had on you is clear.

"You have been involved with the community mental health team and you have been having flash backs and nightmares, and they are seeking medical attention for your condition.

"You did respond to an appeal to surrender and attended a police station. You are a hard working man with no convictions against you."

The driver was made subject to a 12 month community order, and ordered to carry out 160 hours of unpaid work.

His driving licence was also endorsed with ten points, to last for three years, in addition to £85 court costs and an £85 surcharge.

The court was also told there is an ongoing civil claim against the driver relating to the incident.

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