Brad Pitt And Jennifer Aniston Did Not Get Married In Secret [Debunked]

The two are just friends. Seriously, just friends.

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston did not get married in secret, nor are they planning to get married, nor are they even dating, Gossip Cop is reporting. Anything you’ve read that suggests otherwise is either a hoax or an unsubstantiated rumor.

As is always the case with these things, the rumor that Brad & Jen are a thing again, 13 years after they called it quits on their marriage, is based on sloppy reporting.

As you may know, celebrity gossip publications often rely on the thinnest of “evidence” for their stories, and some do a better job of following up on that evidence than others. Many rely on anonymous tips, usually from people claiming to be close to the people they’re spilling the beans about. Failing anonymous tips, there’s always photographic “evidence,” such as an ever-so-slight bulge in a woman’s garment over her abdomen being “proof” of a baby bump.

It was this second category of “evidence” – photos – that led Woman’s Day Australia to report that Jen married Brad. In this case, it was a photo of Jen sporting a ring. And since she and Justin Theroux are splittsville, there’s no reason for her to be wearing a ring – so she must have gotten married to Brad!

“Jennifer Aniston is flaunting a mystery ring on her wedding finger — and friends are sensationally buzzing that she and Brad Pitt may have secretly tied the knot again.”

The magazine went on to breathlessly report that the ring could only mean that she’s remarried the former Mr. Angelina Jolie. And of course, no celebrity gossip story would be complete without the scoop from an anonymous, insider source.

“There’s mounting talk Jen and Brad may have gotten hitched in secret and this is her wedding ring. She’s being very coy about it all, but word is she and Brad are very much in love again, and they decided to do something utterly romantic and elope.”

What the Australian magazine and its “insider source” failed to take into consideration is the fact that Jennifer is a working actress. She’s currently working on a movie, the upcoming Adam Sandler Netflix comedy Murder Mystery. She’ll be playing Adam’s character’s wife, which means she’ll wear, you guessed it, a wedding ring. In other words, the ring that is supposedly “evidence” that she and Brad got remarried is simply a movie prop.

Oh, and there’s this: Brad can’t legally marry Jennifer Aniston, or anyone else, for the very simple reason that his divorce from Angelina Jolie is not yet finalized.

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