Bride annoyed after her friend misses wedding to visit sick husband

Bridezilla is branded ‘heartless and selfish’ after she stopped speaking to her maid of honor who dropped out of the wedding because her husband had a near-fatal heart attack

  • Maid of honor’s husband had a heart attack days before her friend’s wedding
  • But the bride was upset when she found out and said the maid of honor couldn’t miss the big day, even if her husband was undergoing emergency heart surgery
  • The maid of honor shared her dilemma on Reddit, saying how hurt she was
  • Users branded the bride ‘heartless, selfish, and  a horrible person’ 

An anonymous bride has been branded ‘heartless and selfish’ after falling out with her maid of honor who had to miss the wedding because her husband was having open-heart surgery. 

The maid of honor, thought to be from the US, shared the story on Reddit and asked whether ‘she was the a*****e’ for missing her friend’s wedding. 

She explained her husband had a heart attack two days before the wedding and learned he would need emergency surgery around the time the ceremony would be taking place. The maid of honor was warned doctors ‘could lose him at any time’.

But when the maid of honor told her friend, the bride’s first reaction was to say: ‘Just make sure it doesn’t intervene with the wedding that’s all. It’s sad we cant have Ben there (my husband) but we’ll have you and you can eat and drink for both of you haha.’ 

A bride has been called out for getting angry at her maid of honor for missing the wedding to instead stay with her husband who suffered a serious heart attack. Stock image

The anonymous poster on Reddit explained how her husband needed emergency open-heart surgery – and she chose to stay by his side instead of attend her best friend’s wedding

The maid of honor continued: ‘That’s when I told her I won’t be able to come to the wedding whether my husband’s surgery is over or not because I need to care for him and I want to be next to him until we are all 100% sure he’s gonna be fine.’  

The bride said she understood, but that as MOH, she has a ‘duty’ and couldn’t drop out a day before the wedding. 

On the day of the wedding, the MOH tried video calling the bride, who didn’t take the call because she was ‘busy getting ready’. Since then, all texts and calls have gone unanswered, and she heard that the bride, and some of the other bridesmaids feel like she let the bride down, and she ‘shouldn’t expect to hear from her soon’. 

Adding that her friend is ‘usually a sweetheart’, the poster asked if she was the a****** in this situation. 

The majority of Reddit users felt the bride had acted extremely badly, branding her ‘selfish’ and a ‘horrible human being’

Reddit users were almost unanimous in their support for the poster, with one writing: ‘I’m sorry to have to say this, but your “best friend” is a horrible human being. I am completely outraged on your behalf about how self-centred and entitled she is.’

Another agreed, writing: ‘Pretty clear to me that the bride is the AH. Heart surgery is a MAJOR surgery. Of course you don’t want to leave his side, especially to go to wedding. She is incredibly self centred. I would stop trying to contact her. You don’t need a friend like that because she is not really a friend.’

One commentator felt even more strongly, writing: ‘WHAT?! Is Chloe normally self absorbed to the point of insanity? Maybe the stress of the wedding got to her and she’ll soon realise how out of one she was in assuming for one second you’d still be able to make it to her wedding.’ 

Many commentators felt the bride’s expectation that her maid of honor would leave her sick husband to party at a wedding suggested she doesn’t really understand marriage

Others suggested that the bride didn’t understand marriage, with one saying: ‘It’s insane to me that she wanted you to forsake your vows to your husband on the day that she was going to make the same vows to her groom. It makes me wonder if she even knows what a marriage is.’

Another agreed, adding: ‘I wonder if the friend’s new husband knows that his bride would leave him alone when he’s critically ill so she can go party.’

And a third wrote: ‘That was my thought. The bride clearly doesn’t understand what marriage is truly about.’

Some people who responded to the post felt that it might be worth giving the bride more time, to see if the friendship could be salvaged

Some were more forgiving, and while they thought the bride was in the wrong, suggested the poster try contacting her again in the future.

One wrote: ‘Regarding talking to you the day of – remember, she’s busy! As much as you’d like to wish her well, she probably wasn’t taking phone calls at all that day – I know I wouldn’t. There really aren’t many situations that are serious enough to interrupt wedding preparations or a honeymoon…Give it a month or so for things to settle down, then reach out again. Maybe send a card.’ 

A further commentator felt the bride may later calm down, writing: ‘What happened was beyond your control and you did what you felt needed to be done. NTA Hopefully, Chloe will come around. Hope your husband is healing well and getting stronger every day.’ 

Another agreed: ‘NTA, she was probably so worked up about her day that she wasn’t thinking straight. It’s been a whirlwind for both of you, I’d give her a bit of time.’ 

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