Brit jihadi suspects trapped in Syria face 10 years in prison upon their return

British jihadi suspects trapped in Syria could now be jailed for 10 years if they return to the UK.

A new law which came into force last week requires no evidence that they fought for Islamic State.

Security Minister Ben Wallace said the “designated area” offence was aimed at tackling terrorist
“safe havens”.

It can be used against anyone who travels to a blacklisted region or stays longer than a month unless they are either an aid worker or journalist.

Home Office minister Victoria Atkins said: “It will be an offence to remain… even if the person has been there for some time.”

The law could be used against “jihadi brides” instead of revoking citizenship, as happened with Shamima Begum, 19, of East London.

Another “bride” from London told yesterday how she defied a threat to kill her two toddlers if she tried to escape an ISIS settlement.

But Tooba Gondal, 25, failed in her bid to reach Turkey and is now in a refugee camp in northern Syria.

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