Britney Spears Debuts New Purple Hair, Shares Video of Beautiful Beach Birthday Celebration

Sunsets on the ocean and her name beautifully written in sand, Britney was clearly having a blast celebrating her big day with boyfriend Sam Asghari.

At first when reading the tone of excitement in Britney Spears’ caption about her name getting written in the sand for her birthday, we were inclined to think she was maybe overselling it a bit.

After all, who hasn’t written their name in the sand? Well, not like this!

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It was a truly masterful and impressive display that looked as if an artist had created it. But “Happy Birthday Britney” was only part of the majesty, as video footage showed a stunning fireworks display blasting off in the distance. We can’t say for sure it was for her birthday, but we can’t say it wasn’t. So let’s just say it was!

Britney turned 40 years old on December 2, though it’s not entirely clear when she celebrated with this tropical vacation.

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“Throwback of my birthday !!!” she captioned the fun video. “They wrote my name in the sand … such a cool day 😎”

The video features footage of her and boyfriend Sam Asghari cruising on the water along some rock formations, taking in a stunning sunset and watching those fireworks. Set to “Your Love” by The Outfield, the whole video was sheer joy and happiness from start to finish.

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Britney dipped into the ’80s as well earlier in the evening on Thursday to celebrate a more recent development in her life … though it’s one she’s not so sure she’s excited about.

To the soundtrack of Cyndi Lauper’s “Girls Just Want to Have Fun,” Britney showed off a gorgeous “100 dollar mini dress” with killer red boots and — wait for it — purple hair!

“Here’s me with purple hair 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🙄🙄🙄🙄 I’m bored, ok ???” she captioned the video of her showing off the look in a full-length mirror. “Very bored so my nail girl said do it !!!! Girl .. I did it but not sure I like it but hey.”

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The posts come on the heels of Britney sharing a pic of her and Sam together and in “LOVE” as well as another that is simply a picture of three words: “Be the light.” These could well be an intentional change in tone for Britney following her very public feud with sister Jamie Lynn over the latter’s new book.

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Two days ago was Britney’s last public blast against her sister on social media, when she reacted to comments her sister made about feeling as if she didn’t matter on the first part of her “Call Her Daddy” interview. She followed that up immediately with a post (“Thankful grateful blessed”) vowing “NEW DAY NEW BEGINNINGS.”

Since then, Britney’s Instagram feed has been nothing but positivity, with nary a mention of her sister. Instead, the siblings have apparently continued their feud through their lawyers, with Britney submitting a cease and desist letter to Jamie Lynn, threatening a defamation lawsuit.

Jamie Lynn’s lawyer countered, saying that the book is actually very complimentary of Britney, there’s nothing false or defamatory in it, and calling out Britney for some of her more aggressive IG posts of late, including one where she told Jamie Lynn she should have “slapped you and mamma right across your f—— faces!!” And, “Whipped your ass.” And, “popped the s— out of your ass,” per TMZ.

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In the second part of her “Call Her Daddy” interview, host Alex Cooper shared a follow-up phone call with Jamie Lynn from January 18 where Jamie Lynn shared that she and Britney have still not spoken, as covered by Billboard.

“I’ve tried to but unfortunately no. Well, I unfortunately hated the whole back and forth thing so I was like, ‘Just call me,'” said Jamie Lynn, referencing a plea she made via her Instagram Stories.

“And I sent her messages but I’ve been blocked for a while,” she continued. “I also did receive some Christmas gifts from her and I reached out to thank her. What an odd time to get gifts, but that’s just the facts.”

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