Brits who choose city life over nature ‘more likely to be psychopaths’

Those who live in the city are more likely to be a psychopaths, a study has revealed.

The research published in the Journal of Environmental Psychology found a correlation between people's traits and where they live.

It looked into darker personality traits and a preference for urban life over suburban and rural areas.

Using the website Prolific, researchers at the University of Derby surveyed 304 adults in the UK.

It asked them about their preferred geographic setting, how connected they felt with nature and their personality type.

The results found a link between socially averse personality traits – like sadism and narcissism – and being partial to city living.

A second study of another 235 adults in the UK concluded similar results.

The authors wrote: "Psychopathy is inversely associated with nature connectedness.

"High scoring on psychopathy was associated with a preference for inner-city living, but did not match residential history."

Their findings reflect big-city residents failing to get the quality of life improvements that nature brings to less urban dwellers.

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Study author Dean Fido told PsyPost: "Our relationship with nature is a well-documented and timeless experience that is becoming increasing strained due to fast-paced living, hectic life schedules and an emphasis on convenience.

"However, what we do know about individuals with high degrees of connection with nature is that said individuals are often healthier, have better perceptions of themselves and their body, show greater levels of empathy towards others, and importantly, report fewer instances of stress, anxiety and depression."

Researchers are still unaware if city dwellers become more psychotic because of their lack of a connection to nature.

Or whether the lack of nature makes urbanites more prone to becoming psychopaths?

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The author added: "We need to go much further in the future to understand why exactly this relationship exists.

"Is it simply that individuals with higher levels of psychopathy develop a more self-serving set of skills that led them to caring more about themselves rather than others and/or nature, and as such their preferences to live in the city reflect greater opportunity to interact with others who can help to facilitate their success?"

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