BTS’ V Drops New Song ‘Scenery’ & Fans Are So Proud Of Him — Listen

BTS fans can’t get enough of V’s new ‘self-composed’ track, ‘Scenery.’ Listen to the song that has the ARMY buzzing with pride and excitement!

Another member of BTS just released a solo track! V, whose real name is Kim Tae-hyung, dropped the “self-composed” song “Scenery” on Jan. 30, and fans couldn’t be more proud. The 23-year-old singer composed the song, wrote the lyrics, and took the cover photo for the track, according to AllKPop.

The song didn’t just drop out of the blue, though. V previously announced he had a special present for fans at the Seoul Music Awards, and teased it again about a week ago, according to Billboard. On Jan. 24, the BTS member tweeted a short video of him in the studio with a collaborator working on the project. In the clip, V can be seen turning on the camera and saying “okay,” and the other person plays about 15 seconds of a mellow melody on a keyboard.

The BTS Army were beyond excited to listen to the track, and got it trending on Twitter shortly after its release. One fan, @saddadalex, summed up the feeling the track evokes perfectly by tweeting, “scenery makes me feel like i’m in the middle of a lavender field, with a soft breeze, staring at the moon in wonder. it’s magical.”

Another fan, @sunspjm, tweeted, “scenery is a beautiful song. the lyrics, the melody, every detail you put into the song is incredible. you have such a creative mind. your song is full of sincerity and creativity. your angelic voice makes me feel a lot of emotions. im so proud of you taehyung.”

V is no stranger to songwriting. He is credited as a writer for six tracks, according to the Korea Music Copyright Association (KOMCA) registry. Here’s hoping he releases even more incredible songs!

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