Burger King roasts Kanye after the rapper said he loved for McDonald’s

‘Eyes still closed I guess’: Burger King hilariously roasts Kanye West on Twitter after the rapper announced his love for its rival, McDonald’s

  • Kanye, 41, started the roast after he tweeted his love for McDonald’s online
  • Burger King responded on Twitter by making fun of Kanye’s ‘eyes were open’ Twitter rant he posted before the McDonald’s tweet
  • At the time, Kanye said he would no longer be a political pawn with any party
  • Wendy’s also joined in on the roast by targeting Kanye for his love of McDonald’s
  • In 2016, Kanye penned a poem about the fast-food chain for an album release  

Burger King went after Kanye West on Twitter after the rapper said McDonald’s was his favorite restaurant on Sunday. 

In a sassy response about Kanye’s obsession with its rival, the restaurant chain wrote on its United States-based Twitter account: ‘Eyes still closed I guess.’ 

This joke comes after Kanye went on a Twitter rant last week after he decided to distance himself from politics. ‘My eyes are now wide open and now realize I’ve been used to spread messages I don’t believe in,’ the 41-year-old rapper wrote at the time.

He loves it: Kanye West, 41, has previously expressed his love for McDonald’s by writing a poem and being pictured with the fast-food chain

Interesting: On Sunday, the rapper decided to tweet that McDonald’s was his favorite 

Funny: The United States-based account for Burger King was quick to respond with a joke from Kanye’s previous Twitter account about distancing himself from politics 

Joining in: The savagery continued after the United King-based Burger King also decided to roast Kanye and his tweet 

But the company was not done with roasting the 41-year-old rapper on his taste for fast food. The United Kingdom-based Twitter account for Burger King then wrote: ‘Explains a lot’.  

Kanye has not kept his love for McDonald’s a secret over the years as he has previously admitted that the chain was his favorite brand.

In 2016, Kanye penned a poem to McDonald’s as part of Frank Ocean’s album entitled Blonde. 

The 29-line poem showed the rapper feelings towards the fast-food chain and what the food items could be up to with out customers knowing.

‘I always knew them French fries was evil man/ Smelling all good and s***/ I don’t trust no food that smells that good man,’ three lines of the poem read.

Now the rapper is expressing his love for McDonald’s through Twitter.  

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Hilarious: Fans enjoyed the roast and commended the Twitter account for its response

Creative: Wendy’s joined in on the fun of making fun of Kanye’s tweet 

True: One person commented on the post with a hilarious connection to a lyric in one of Kanye’s songs 

Fair point: Another commenter said Wendy’s was the best at the Twitter game 

Burger King wasn’t the only fast-food chain that decided to roast Kanye on Twitter for his controversial love of McDonald’s. 

Wendy’s, which is known for posting hilarious tweets, came after the rapper by writing, ‘I’m my favorite restaurant.’ 

The clever Twitter account decided to play on Kanye’s love for himself when responding to his McDonald’s tweet. 

Fans of the account then commended Wendy’s for its response and added in their own thoughts about Kanye’s now-viral tweet. 

One person hilariously responded, ‘Wendy’s loves Wendy’s like Kanye loves Kanye,’ while another person said the fast-food chain’s twitter account is the ‘dopest’ in the business. 

Surprisingly, McDonald’s has yet to publicly respond to Kanye’s confessed love for its food, but the company is not as active on its Twitter accounts like its competitors.  

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