Burger King wants you to trade your boarding pass for a Whopper

How far will Burger King fans go for a flame-grilled hamburger? Apparently all the way to the airport.

The fast food chain has launched a new campaign in Romania called “Whopper No Show,” which asks people to purchase a low-cost one-way plane ticket, go to the airport, make it through airport security and then hand over their boarding pass in exchange for a Whopper hamburger.

On the company’s promotional website, WhopperNoShow.com, three flights are available: Bucharest to Brussels, Rome or Milan. Wishful Whopper lovers may choose one of the flights — each costs about $20 — and book it through the website before making the trip to Bucharest International Airport.

The regal hamburger restaurant said it started the promotion to see how far people wouldn’t go for a Whopper.

“We know this is a crazy idea. But our fans are crazy about the Whopper sandwich. And we are always looking for fun ways to showcase the love people have for it.” says Marcelo Pascoa, head of global marketing for Burger King.

The crazier part is that people are actually doing it. According to the press release, some diehard fans have been booking flights through the WhopperNoShow.com website, powered by API, only to go straight to the Burger King restaurant with ticket in hand.

Once inside, a few have even purchased extra Whoppers for friends and family waiting outside security, as the only Burger King in Romania is in the food court inside the Bucharest International Airport, after the security check.

However, for those who love Burger King and traveling, you have to choose – the free Whopper isn’t served until after the scheduled flight takes off without you.

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