Cadbury reduces number of biscuits and changes recipe of Shortcake Snack bars – but the price stays the same

The chocolate giant has also changed the recipe, and customers say they now taste "revolting".

Single packs of Snack! shortcakes still have an RRP of 55p but Cadbury has taken two biscuits out of the pack.

The firm – which is owned by US multinational Mondelez – said that it has made the remaining biscuits in the single packs bigger like the ones in its multipack of six two-biscuit packs.

Cadbury explained that it wanted to reduce the number of calories to under 200 in single packs "to help people enjoy their favourite treat in a satisfying, portion-controlled size".

But fans are furious at the change – and they've also noticed that the recipe is different too.


Fans reviewing the snacks on Ocado called the new-taste snacks "vile" and "disgusting".

Cadbury admitted it had made a "small change to its blend".

It comes days after we revealed that Cadbury has ditched its Brazilian Darkness chocolates from packs of Roses.

Consultant Jonathan Healy was one of the first to notice the reduction in the number of Snack! biscuits in single packs.

He tweeted: "Feck Brexit. Where was our referendum to reduce the number of biscuits in a yellow snack from 6 to 4????"

One person pointed out that the four remaining biscuits are "bigger".

But another responded: "This is how they do it. They say '4 but they’re bigger' but before you know it you have 4 the same size as they used to be.

"And anyway, it’s not the point. The six small ones were the perfect mouthful. This is just devastating stuff. I feel so disrespected."

Fans are also furious about the recipe change.

One commented on the Ocado website: "These have been my other half's favourite chocolate since childhood, I bought some as it had been a few months since he had some.

"He said they didn't taste right, thought he was getting a cold because his taste buds were obviously failing him… After reading the reviews it turns out he's perfectly healthy just another Cadbury disaster."

A Cadbury spokesman said: "The bigger biscuit used in our Snack Shortcake multipack is more popular, so we made the biscuit in our single pack the same while also reducing the total calories.

"Snack Shortcake single pack is now under 200 calories, in line with our commitment to help people enjoy their favourite treat in a satisfying, portion-controlled size.

"We also made a small change to the blend while continuing to use the same quality ingredients.

"We carried out extensive market research before making the change and consumers can continue to enjoy a great tasting and affordable treat."

There was also fury when Nestle quietly axed the Honeycomb Crunch from Christmas favourites, Quality Street.

But not as much as when it was confirmed that your favourite chocolate selection boxes are getting smaller year on year.

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