Camel Stuck on Side of Philadelphia Highway Sets Twitter Ablaze During Thursday's Winter Storm

It was a confusing, frustrating, slow-moving day for commuters caught in Thursday’s winter storm Avery on the East Coast.

Among those stuck on highways across the northeast was one very out-of-place camel.

According to Lehigh Valley Live, drivers who had already seen snow, sleet and stalled cars were shocked when they spotted a camel catching flurries in its fur on the side of Route 309 in Pennsylvania.

It didn’t take long for the dromedary to go from local legend to online sensation, with several distracted drivers taking the time to slow down even more to grab a photo or video of the unusual sight.

WARNING: This video contains graphic language 

The mystery of how the camel ended up on the side of the road was eventually solved by the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia, according to Penn Live.

The group sent out a tweet from its account explaining the camel, named Einstein, was on his way to Philly for the federation’s Main Event.

Unfortunately, Einstein never made it to the City of Brotherly Love: A follow-up tweet from the federation said that after getting stuck in the weather, Einstein’s caretakers decided it was best to head home to Peaceable Kingdom Petting Zoo in Bucks County instead of trying to make it to Philly.

Even though the camel missed his engagement, Einstein’s brief appearance on the side of the road was enough to turn the animal into a celebrity.

Blog Lehigh Valley with Love reports that Einstein the snow camel already has his own drink and apparel collection.

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