You Can Now Get A Bathing Suit With Meghan Markle’s Face On It

With the royal wedding officially one week away, there’s still time to plan your celebration, and, of course, there are tons of ways to celebrate. You can throw a viewing party, eat some royal wedding-themed foods, have a fundraiser to donate to the couple’s favorite charities… or you can wear the royal couple’s faces on your body. Yes, really. Because it turns out that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry bathing suits exist, and you can really buy them, for real.

These beguiling gems feature zoomed-in photos of Markle and the prince’s faces (like, JUST their faces) that stretch from the wearer’s chest all the way down to the bottom of the swimsuit. Luckily for us, the online printing service that makes them, Bags of Love, estimates it’ll take only one to two days for a suit to be ready if you order today, so just imagine — it’s totally possible you could have one of these babies in your hands by May 19.

According to Bags of Love’s public relations manager Ekaterina Vankova, the royal couple swimsuits are actually just examples of how well the company can customize a bathing costume. Customers can upload their own photos to print on the suits, she told HuffPost. Bags of Love created the Markle and Prince Harry versions because the company wanted to "demonstrate the full potential of their personalized bathing suits," and because customers "have been ‘royal wedding mad’ and frequently print the faces of the royals on their DIY projects," according to HuffPost.

And Prince Harry and Markle aren’t the only ones with the honor of frequently appearing on customers’ products. "Our favorite has to be the Harry and Megan and Will and Kate swimsuits," Bags of Love told Metro. You can also get a version printed with the likeness of the Queen on it, if you’re so inclined. "Nothing like printing the face of a prince or duchess on a swimming costume and rocking it proudly on the beach."

That is 100 percent accurate. There truly is nothing like it.

Vankova told Huffington Post that the demand for the royal couple face swimsuits is "massive and keeps growing," so, you know, get on that if it’s your thing. Suits can be bought for around $38 U.S., if you’re want to sew it together yourself, and $51 if you’d like your bathing costume to be delivered fully assembled. However, you will have to find your own photo of the royal face you most desire to have on your body, and then upload that photo to Bags of Love’s site so the company can work its magic. You could also print a swimsuit with your own face, your BFF’s face, your dog’s face — really, any face will do. The possibilities are endlessly riffable, and even more entertaining than they are numerous.

Honestly, the face swimsuits are practically screaming invitation for us to broaden our horizons when it comes to products related to the royal wedding. There are many, many, many more unmined royal wedding-themed gems, including but not limited to "sweet ginger and American mustard"-flavored sausages from HECK (each package printed with "To the Happy Couple"), royal wedding souvenir condoms (each package printed with "For Members of Royalty"), and royal wedding coloring books (each printed with Prince Harry saying, "I’m sixth in line to be king of the world!"). There is also, for unknown reasons, a commemorative royal wedding plate available on Etsy that features a photo of singer Ed Sheeran, who is most certainly not getting royally married this coming Saturday.

Needless to say, companies are certainly eager to tap into the world’s royal wedding fever. So. These are all real things, and they are happening, and much like the royal wedding, all we can do is watch.

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