Carrie Fisher Will Be In ‘Star Wars: Episode 9’ In An Unexpected Way

On Friday, July 27, Star Wars fans got a surprise: the Star Wars: Episode 9 cast was announced by Lucasfilm. The cast has plenty of fan faves returning to the franchise, but there was definitely one unexpected one — Carrie Fisher will be in Star Wars: Episode 9.

Before you start to freak out, though, no, they’re not going to holographic her in a la Tupac at Coachella. They’re not even going to CGI her in. She also won’t be played by her lookalike daughter, Billie Lourd, but Lourd did have a hand in how Fisher’s appearance in the final film will go down.

According to a press release from Walt Disney Studios,

Including Fisher as she was — with words that she actually once spoke, no less — is a respectful tribute to the beloved late star, and likely an importance consistency for fans of the franchise.

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