Cat Named After Notorious B.I.G Survives Being Shot Multiple Times

A cat named after the late, great Notorious B.I.G is home safe and sound after being shot multiple times with a pellet gun.

The four-year-old cat named Biggie is recovering at home after his ordeal, where vets say that he was held down while he was shot at least six times by a pellet gun at close range. Now, owner Nicole Crandell is trying to find answers as to who would be so cruel to her cat.

Biggie, named after the famous rapper who was shot and killed in a drive-by in 1997, went missing on Nov. 3, 2017, from his home in Prince George, British Columbia. When he didn’t return for weeks, Crandell thought the worst had happened and he’d been eaten by local wildlife or struck by a car.

Then, two weeks later, she received a call from a local veterinarian who explained that her cat had been found approximately 20 kilometers away, but had between five and six pellet wounds.

“Excuse me, what? Pellets? What do you mean?” Crandell recalled while speaking with CBC News. “And then they said, ‘Yeah, he’s been shot multiple times.’ “

An unidentified Prince George man found Biggie after his ordeal and transported him to the local SPCA before bringing him to the vet for emergency treatment.

“The vet told us that it looked like someone had held him down and shot him with the pellet gun at close range,” Crandell said. “He had pellets in his head, in his cheek, his neck, his jaw, his back.”

Crandell lives in the College Heights neighborhood of Prince George, a relatively quiet suburban area, along with her husband and two cats, Biggie and Smalls. After bringing Biggie home from the veterinarian, she took to social media to ask for help in searching for who might have committed such a heinous act.

It didn’t take long for other local residents to report back saying their pets had been recently shot by a pellet gun as well. Crandell has filed a complained with the British Columbia SPCA, who are currently investigating.

“I hope whoever did this gets caught,” Crandell told CBC.

Lucky for Biggie, despite having pellets permanently lodged in his head, back, and chin, he seems to be recovering quite well. The pellets don’t appear to be causing him any pain, and Crandell is happy to have him home.

“He’s a little miracle cat,” Crandell said.

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