Cat says ‘Well, hi’ with Southern accent in must-watch viral video

This cat is quite the big drawl.

A video of a human mom chatting with her cat is going viral, thanks to the cat’s “thick Southern accent,” according to burgeoning social media star Gambino Bambino’s Instagram page.

Gambino the cat’s human — identified only by the first name of Tawny — recorded the tabby making drawling noises that sound like “Well, hi!” and “mom.”

Of course, the internet is lapping it up. Tawny’s clip of her “Southern gentleman” has racked up nearly a half-million views on Insta this week — and a whopping 1.4 million likes on the TikTok platform.

It’s no shock collar: Gambino, a stray until December 2014, is wearing a “pet tracker” collar for when he braves the great outdoors, according to a post on the official Facebook page he shares with his brother.

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