Cat’s bemused reaction to first beach trip leaves everyone in stitches

When a cat was brought to the beach for the first time, his reaction was priceless.

Pumpkin the Cat showed off his quirky personality by running across the sand.

The feline seemed to enjoy the adventure – but there was one aspect of the day he didn’t like.

As weather at the coast is really windy, Pumpkin’s fur got blown around a fair bit.

The cat screwed his face up in disgust, much to his owner's amusement.

Pictures of the miffed moggy have since gone viral on Facebook – and have left people in tears of laughter.

Pumpkin’s owner told Bored Panda : “The first day my daughter and I brought him to the beach, the wind picked up and he started to make faces.

“We had never seen anything like it before. So we took a quick video.

“The beach pictures all came from a 5 seconds video!

Thankfully, the windy day hasn’t put Pumpkin off.

His owner added: “He has since been back to the beach and likes it very much.”

Fans now keep up with Pumpkin’s beach days on Facebook and Instagram.

At the start of the cat’s life, you’d never know he would become an internet celebrity.

The moggy was fostered with his mum and three siblings as a kitten.

His foster carer fell in love with him straight away – and decided to adopt him along with one of his siblings.

They revealed: “We knew he was special right away. We adopted him, along with his brother Moustachio as they were inseparable.”

Pumpkin was later diagnosed with cerebellar hypoplasia, which is a brain condition that affects motor skills.

His owner explained: “Pumpkin has a mild case of Cerebellar Hypoplasia, and it affects a part of the brain which controls his motor skills.

“It makes him clumsy at times. It affected his coordination as well as depth perception.”

This doesn’t hold the cat back – as you can see he’s a big fan of adventure!

You can follow Pumpkin the Cat on Facebook here.

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