How celebrities REALLY get their post-baby bodies back in shape

How celebrities REALLY get their post-baby bodies back in shape: FEMAIL reveals the latest diets and cosmetic procedures stars rely on to maintain their yummy mummy status

  • Ashley Pearson revealed celebrity secrets for getting their pre-baby body back
  • She says many stars embrace cosmetic surgery including a designer vagina
  • She says Khloe Kardashian is working on her body with PT Gunnar Peterson
  • Celebrities have also turned to the protein based Keto diet for quick weight loss

When Kate Middleton showed up at the wedding of the year in a dress she’s worn before (when she wasn’t pregnant) a mere 26 days after giving birth to Prince Louis you could hear the collective shudder from the other new mums still knee deep into dry shampoo, milk stained t-shirts and elastic waistbands less than four weeks post partum.

Which by the way is very normal. However, Kate is just one of a long line of celebrities who make bouncing back after baby an Olympic level sport.

But A-listers like Kate have a lot of help –secret weapons in the fight to regain their looks. And although Kate herself is famed for her own steely willed discipline, here Mail Online breaks down what celebrities really do to get their pre-baby bodies back…

Ashley Pearson revealed the diets, exercises and cosmetic procedures A-List celebrities embrace to quickly get their pre-baby body back. Kim Kardashian (pictured) followed the Atkins diet

Kim Kardashian (pictured with her daughter North) indulged in an unlimited intake of both fats and protein whilst following the Atkins diet


Celebrities have personal chefs or meal replacement programmes to make dieting very simple. A-list wise, the top diet making the rounds now is one that originated in France called Proteifine. 

Available in the UK through London based nutritionist Kim Pearson, the Proteifine Diet is safe and gets fast results. Like really fast. Developed by Ysonut Laboratories, it is a protein based, low carbohydrate diet programme that promotes fast and effective fat loss whilst maintaining lean body mass. 

They have created foods that are full of natural proteins (pea, soya, milk and egg) but low in carbohydrates. You eat the packaged food along with a lot of fresh vegetables you prepare at home. 

By minimising intake of carbohydrates the body switches to a state of ketosis where is breaks down body fat to burn as it’s main source of energy. This is a very effective way to lose weight quickly and healthily. Clients can lose up to one stone / 7kg per month whilst on Proteifine.

One of the reasons it’s so popular is that on Proteifine, your muscle mass and basal metabolic rate are not only maintained, they can sometimes even increase. 

Keeping carbs low, the body goes into mild ketosis where it begins to burn stored fat as energy instead of carbohydrates, resulting in noticeable weight loss.

The difference between Proteifine and Atkins (which was Kim Kardashian’s diet of choice) is that on Atkins the intake of both fat and protein is unlimited which, if taken to excess, can result in health problems. 

The Proteifine Diet is a protein based diet but not a high protein diet. The products provide an optimum intake of protein – tailored to the individual needs – and essential fats with minimal amounts of carbohydrates. 

Cost wise it works out to around £23 per day. Kim sees clients on Skype or in person at her clinic and also works on nutritional re education and a long -term weight maintenance plan.  


There is no Celebrity Trainer for new mums more in demand than Gunnar Peterson, who has worked with new mums Jennifer Lopez, Penleope Cruz and Kim Kardashian to get their pre-baby bodies back in shape. He is currently working with Khloe Kardashian post baby True.

He says, ‘Immediately post baby this is about a healthy baby not your time to think about getting shredded – it’s your time to think about stealing sleep any time you can. 

Celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson (pictured) creates fitness plans for stars based on the type of pregnancy and birth they experienced

Once you’re ready the very first thing you need to do is to make sure your OBGYN says ‘go for it’; and once you get the green light you have to listen to your body. This is the time to bond with the baby and that should be the focus. This is your baby’s moment and the first consideration should be adequate sleep, hydration, nutrition – for both of you.’ 

Gunnar does however, get his fair share of celebrity new mums who want to drop weight within weeks of giving birth ‘I have seen women trying to pare it down to 800 calories on shakes after having a baby and it’s ridiculous. 

I do have actress clients who have a big love scene or awards show coming up as their goal and I always work backwards with them to make sure they are in the best place they can be on the day.’

Gunnar adds: ‘What kind of training we do depends on the kind of pregnancy and birth my clients have had. Were they on bed rest? Were there complications? The women I train may be famous but they are like any other new mum – and a C-section recovery doesn’t distinguish between someone who has to be on a red carpet and one who does not.’

Jennifer Lopez (Pictured) worked with Gunnar to get her pre-baby body back. Gunnar warns new mothers training after birth is starting over rather than continuing from where you left off

Gunnar revealed some of his celebrity clients bring their baby along to the gym. He advises a combination of cardio and strength training to get back in shape (Pictured: Jennifer Lopez and her children,Emme Muniz and Max Muniz)

Gunnar cautions new mums: ‘When you get back into training remember you don’t pick up where you left off – you are starting over. This doesn’t mean you are a total newbie, but it does mean lower intensity, lighter loads and less duration. 

‘Be smart and start slow. Start with a comprehensive strength routine, a cardio routine and a stretching protocol. Begin with 3 days a week doing all three and then the 2 other days just do a steady-state cardio, which means take your heart rate to a certain level and keep it there.’

What has been the biggest surprise for Gunner with the A-list new mums he has trained? 

‘My clients all work hard – they don’t come to me for the fast fix, and they are very motivated to look good,’ he said. 

‘So I can’t say I’m surprised by their dedication to the gym – but I have been really pleasantly surprised at how hands-on many of them are as mothers. 

‘These are women who have the money and access to nannies 24/7 – but a lot of them are really committed to doing it themselves. 

‘I’ve had celebrity clients come work out with a baby and a rocker – I even have a room at my gym where they can go breastfeed in private or take care of their baby between sets.’

Gunnar’s suggested workout for new mothers is steady state cardio two days a week, and three days of mixing up cardio, strength training, and stretching.  

For weight loss and fitness he advises to alternate the emphasis between cardio and strength – so one day do 30 minutes cardio, 20mins strength training and 10mins stretching – and the next 30 minutes strength, 20 mins cardio and 10 mins stretching.

And lastly Gunnar cautions: ‘When you’re a new mom – don’t beat yourself up, take it easy on yourself and focus on bonding with the baby. 

‘Don’t compare yourselves to others. I know some famous women who have left the hospital in their pre pregnancy jeans – that’s not from sweating it out in the gym, that’s genetics!


Once baby is a few months old – celebrity mums often head to a health retreat to reset fitness and catch up on much needed sleep. Amchara Malta is one of the very best in the world and an A-list favourite. 

Set within a stunning palm-tree lined courtyard on the island of Gozo, this tranquil and sun bathed sanctuary is a long-time secret A-list destination. A tailor-made detox programme that combines functional medicine with gentle exercise, what sets Amchara apart is the level of personalised testing, expert care and attention. 

Amchara Gozo (pictured) is an A-list favourite retreat for boosting health and wellbeing after child birth. Stars are given tailor-made detox programmes and embark on a juice fast

Everyone has their own health questionnaire screened by a medical doctor before they arrive to ensure best health outcomes. And once there, Amchara creates personalised plans that meet specific requirements – there is no one size fits all policy here. 

And with a world-class programme based on health and healing, there is plenty of help on hand: guests enjoy the attention of naturapaths, a colonic therapist, a health director, a raw food chef, massage therapists and a yoga and fitness instructor – all are invaluable at guiding and inspiring. There is a classic juice fast aimed to stimulate the body’s natural healing processes or a raw food diet.

Juices are delicious and fresh and designed to support the digestion and liver – nutritional super shots including chlorella, wheatgrass, spirulina, turmeric, maca and bitter aloe are selected by the retreat naturopaths to suit individual health needs.

Morning yoga, Pilates, a beachside walk, a health talk or aqua aerobics are all available during the day – with evenings spent sipping herbal teas doing sunset yoga poolside or listening to the soothing rhythms of a Tibetan sound healer. 

Amchara Gozo (pictured) welcomes guest to stay for as long as they need to restore peace and relaxation for their wellbeing 

There are no bootcamp vibes here – it’s pure peace and relaxation. Open all year round, guests can stay from three days to a month or more and there are no fixed start dates. There is also Amchara Somerset for those looking for a UK detox.

Prices at Amchara Gozo start from £1,350 for 7 nights in a private one bedroom apartment.  


What happens to a woman’s vagina after giving birth is not a pretty thing. Stretching of the vagina and loosening of the pelvic floor caused by vaginal births leads to host of other issues.

But there are new treatments that are in high demand to restore things downstairs to their former glory.

A-list celebrities have begun embracing Radio Frequency Energy treatments such as THERMIva to boost their vagina instead of invasive surgical procedures (file image)

Invasive procedures like surgical interventions do exist but what’s really got the A-list’s attention is a new, non invasive treatment that uses Radio Frequency Energy to give your vagina a bit of a boost. Called THERMIva – it uses a wand that emits radiofrequency energy to gently heat the tissue area to encourage the production of new collagen which leads to softer, tighter tissue. 

There is no downtime and no anaesthesia. Women can expect to see positive changes after their first treatment, and a 30-minute session once a month for three months is suggested for optimum results. 

Plastic and Cosmetic surgeon, Ali Juma, offers THERMIva from £499 at the Queen Anne Medical Centre.


And then of course there are those who go for the whole shebang – the full mummy make over. The truth is that many celebrity mothers opt for this – although they will never admit it.

Dr Dan Marsh & Mr. Mo Akhavani are founders of The Plastic Surgery Group and they treat hundreds of women, including celebrities, each year. 

They say: ‘There has been a massive rise in numbers of “Mummy Makeovers”, especially at the TPSG. We have seen a phenomenal 200 per cent increase in the past year.’

Dr Dan Marsh & Mr. Mo Akhavani offer mummy makeover surgeries such as tummy tuck, liposuction and labiaplasty to sculpt a desired post-baby body (file image) 

So what does it entail? The phrase can refer to a whole range of surgeries in any combination to reverse the effects of childbirth, but typically involve breast and tummy procedures.

‘Mummy’s tend to either want a breast lift with implants, breast implants or just a lift to regain how their breasts looked pre-children,’ the surgeons said. 

‘And with the tummy requests they tend to be a tummy tuck, tummy tuck with liposuction, liposuction alone and quite often labiaplasty. We have also seen an increase in buttock reshaping as many mums feel their shape has changed dramatically since childbirth, this type of surgery is definitely on the rise.

‘Alongside these procedures many mums also request skin peels and lasers to restore the skin which changes as a result of hormonal fluctuation during the pregnancy period. The removal of varicose veins is quite often requested alongside the above.’

And as you might expect, some of the requests amongst ordinary women and A-listers are extreme. 

‘We do have some things we have to say no to. There was a patient with four children (still breast feeding) who brought a picture of herself aged 18 and wanted to look exactly like the photo – and wanted surgery whilst only 3 months post partum. 

Mummy Makeover experts advise against undergoing surgical body transformations until at least 6 months post childbirth (file image) 

‘And a 23 year old who had not yet had children or indeed been pregnant and asked for a MM because she had heard about it thinking it was a new procedure….I kid you not.’

One misconception – you can’t do this immediately. Say the doctors, ‘It is not recommended to have a Mummy Makeover straight after child birth. It is best to wait until at least 6 months post childbirth. Abdominal tissues are too lax and stretched immediately post birth to provide any lasting results. Better to wait until tissues have naturally returned to as close to the pre pregnancy state as possible before surgery as the results are better.’

How long is the recovery and how much do they typically cost? That depends on exactly what surgery, but around two to three weeks is standard, and you can expect a bill in the region of £11,000.


Many have heard of Coolsculpting but the hottest new take on Cryoliposis – where fat cells are frozen – is called MiCool. Available at Clinicbe in Knightsbridge this Cryo Fat Reduction is a very popular non-surgical alternative to Liposuction surgery. 

Makers claim it offers superior fat reduction effectiveness with more advanced Cryolipolysis than any other devices. The cooling energy targets lipocytes (fat cells) in the subcutaneous fat layer without causing any damage to the surrounding tissues.

Over a course of treatment, new mums lose up to 25% of fat in the area treated – in the case of new mums that’s almost always the abdomen. Depending on the area treated, mums may drop a jeans size, 1-2 dress sizes – and find help with thE dreaded post-Caesarean ‘overhang’.

Cryoliposis (pictured) has become a popular non-surgical alternative to Liposuction surgery for effective fat reduction (file image)

In terms of pain levels – patients generally describe treatment as ‘weird but tolerable’ and as the cold kicks in, the sensation is naturally reduced. You can read or browse your phone while treatment is taking place. 

There is no anaesthetic required. Results are not visible straightaway, as it takes time for the fat cells to be expelled. Results are generally noticeable around 4 weeks after treatment, with the fat loss reaching its peak at around eight. 

Prices start at £325 per session, although there are discounts available when booking a course of three or more. 


New in 2018 is something celebrities are clamouring for. After all, A-listers are are photographed at all angles – unflattering pap shots and also lying down during love scenes – in all cases double chin/jowls are just not allowed in Hollywood. 

For new mums, particularly those who have gained a fair amount of weight this can be an area that is difficult to fix. Enter the new Strawberry Lift. 

The results of Cryoliposis (pictured) usually become visible around 4 weeks after treatment. Celebrities have also begun opting for the Strawberry lift Laser Lipo for tightening their jaw line without invasive surgery 

A new Laser Lipo treatment designed to instantly banish double chins and tighten the jaw line. Perfect for post-baby face bloating and requires no down time (especially handy when you’re a new mum).

A non-invasive laser penetrates the skin targeting the fat cells underneath while leaving blood vessels, nerves and other issue undisturbed. As the fat cells absorb the energy from the lasers they release water, glycerol and free fatty acids; this harmless fat cell content is then removed from the body through lymphatic drainage.

Additionally, ultrasound helps to gently tone the jaw line causing the tissue protein to coagulate and produce new collagen.

It takes just 20 minutes and is painless – and although results can be seen after just one treatment, it is recommended to have four treatments to achieve the best result The Eden Skin Clinic brought the treatment to the UK and the first clinic globally to offer this treatment at their London, Kensington skin clinic.

Strawberry Lift treatments at the Kensington Skin Clinic costs £500 and last 30 minutes each 

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