Celebrity beauty secrets you'll want to steal

Big Brother legend Davina McCall reveals her top five beauty secrets – from the £27 concealer she swears by to the best tweakment she’s ever had (and why she will NEVER eat breakfast before 10am!)

  • UK presenter Davina McCall shared her top beauty tricks with YOU magazine 
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Television presenter Davina McCall on why she stopped hardcore workouts and decided to get braces at 50


If you want to live longer, be healthy and stay as useful as possible, exercise is page one of the manual. As I’m now 55, I’ve changed how I work out. I used to love a class where an instructor screams at you, but then I started getting injuries. Now I do strength training, including yoga and stretching.

I don’t need big weights – my own body weight is enough. It’s important because building good-quality muscle gets harder as you get older, while bones start losing density around the perimenopause and menopause.

But stronger bones and muscles will stop me falling and help me stay well for longer. Strength training keeps my mind young, too. And it’s free!

Television presenter Davina McCall on why she stopped hardcore workouts and decided to get braces at 50


I’ve changed so much in perimenopause, and I look after myself by staying active and with nutrition. I used to think I ate enough protein as I had three big meals a day, but not so. Now I have a protein shake to ensure I can maintain muscle tone.

Shakes can look bland and you feel you’ll look like a bodybuilder, but not Foodspring’s, so I’ve collaborated with them to encourage more women to get enough protein. My after-dinner treat is to put the Protein + Relax (£29.99, foodspring.co.uk) in hot milk, like a granny. It helps me wind down.

Davina’s ‘after-dinner treat; is to put the Protein + Relax (£29.99, foodspring.co.uk) in hot milk ‘like a granny’


I started wearing a little bit of make-up every day in my 40s. If I’m in a rush I’ll just curl my eyelashes, then put on mascara and lipstick. Tubing mascara has changed my life. I never have panda eyes and it comes off with water.

My make-up artist taught me that unless you’re doing a full smoky eye, don’t put any liner on your lower lash line. It pulls your eyes down and is very aging.

YSL Touche Eclat (£27, boots.com) works miracles. It’s basically a highlighter pen, but don’t go too heavy around your wrinkles.

I don’t use liquid eyeliners because I have looser skin on my lids now. Pencil is a lot more forgiving; you can smudge it in for a smokier look. I get my eyebrows tattooed by Miriam (@limitlessPMU).

When it comes to perfume I like Molecule 01 (£95, libertylondon.com) – a friend of mine gave it to me and told me not to tell anybody. People have stopped me to ask what it is.

Molecule 01 (£95, libertylondon.com) is Davina’s go-to perfume and she says people have stopped her to ask her what she’s got on

YSL Touche Eclat (£27, boots.com) ‘works miracles’, says Davina, and doesn’t ‘go too heavy’ around wrinkles


Back in the days of fad diets, I tried Atkins. I couldn’t believe how much weight I’d lost in two weeks – it was amazing. Then I put it all back on straightaway. Later I started training with a former Marine and former gymnast, who fostered a better relationship between me and food.

I will have that piece of cake – just not every day. I don’t believe in diets. I used to be very anti-sugar, but now I eat it every so often. I did a personalised nutrition test with the free Zoe app and found that, while I don’t process sugar well, I do process fat well, so now I up that in my diet.

I also found out that intermittent fasting works for me – I only did it because it was a challenge, but after six weeks I didn’t want to stop. I do 14 hours: I finish my dinner before 8pm and have my breakfast after 10am. My energy is so much better, I don’t wake up bloated and, at this stage of my life, it suits me very well.


Teeth are important. It’s funny, I looked after my kids’ teeth – got braces for them and everything – but not for myself. So I had my teeth straightened at 50. And it was the best thing I have ever done.

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