‘Celebrity Fear Factor’ Preview: Lil Yachty Refuses To Touch A Bullfrog & Risks Losing — Watch

When it comes to bullfrogs, rapper Lil Yachty just isn’t going there. In this EXCLUSIVE preview of ‘Celebrity Fear Factor,’ the rapper freaks out because he doesn’t want to pick up a bullfrog during a challenge!

Would you pick up a bullfrog? For Lil Yachty, that question comes into play on the July 17 premiere of Celebrity Fear Factor. His partner has no problem picking up and carrying a bullfrog during the challenge, but the 20-year-old rapper is scared to touch the large amphibian. He gets close, but always stops short of grabbing the frog. We can feel for Lil Yachty. Bullfrogs are gross.

Host Ludacris gives Lil Yachty some tough love when it’s crunch time. “Kodie [Shane] pickd up a boa constrictor. You can’t even pick up a frog? Come on, my god,” Ludacris tells the rapper. Yachty nearly grabs the bullfrog, but then he freaks out when he can’t follow through. The time is just winding down. Will he gather the courage to complete the challenge in time?

Lil Yachty will be going up against Kodie, Tyga, and Chanel West Coast on the July 17 premiere. HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Ludacris about bringing celebrities on the show. “I would say that they bring an aspect where they have a little bit more on the line because they have reputations from other television shows, and they have a certain amount of fans as well,” Ludacris told HollywoodLife. “So their personalities… Their fans may think they know them and then they come here and have them do something completely opposite from what they did before then you might find out that this is a person you never knew the hell they were and it is very fun and good to see how they handle adversity and the things that they are most fearful about.” MTV’s Fear Factor returns with celebrity episodes on July 17 at 10 p.m. with a two-hour premiere.

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