‘The Challenge’: Da’Vonne Scares Her Competitors With Exaggerated Tales Of Redemption House

It’s no secret that being on ‘The Challenge’ involves excellent manipulation tactics, and Da’Vonne proves she’s got that all figured out in this EXCLUSIVE ‘Final Reckoning’ sneak peek! Watch here.

She may be a rookie on The Challenge: Final Reckoning, but Da’Vonne Rogers is already playing the game like a longtime vet! The Big Brother alum and her partner, Jozea Flores, were eliminated in this season’s very first episode, but won their way back into the house by beating Natalie Negrotti and Paulie Calafiore in a redemption challenge. However, before they got the chance to do that, they spent some time in the Redemption House, where they were able to watch clips of what was going on in the Main House and obtain some information about what was going on. In this EXCLUSIVE sneak peek of the Aug. 7 episode, Da’Vonne shares this tidbit with other competitors when she gets back in the game…and she may exaggerate just a little bit!

“Me and Jozea decide we’e going to use this piece of information about having surveillance inside the Redemption House as much as we can,” she explains to the cameras. Da’Vonne dishes to Cara Maria Sorbello and Tori Deal about the situation, and lets them know she and Jozea aren’t going to fill anyone in on what they saw until they feel like it. “We’re all like…oh f***, what do you know about us?!” Tori explains. Da’Vonne seems to let on that she actually knows a lot more than she really does, playing a great game of psychological warfare with her fellow competitors.

The knowledge of what goes on in the Redemption House leaves Da’Vonne sitting pretty. “There’s a lot of people in this house that you literally have to break down a wall in order to get to them,” She says. “But they’re breaking down their own walls to come and talk to me! So a b***h is in here working! I feel good about our position in the house.

The Challenge: Final Reckoning airs Tuesdays at 9:00 p.m. on MTV, so we’ll have to see how this all turns out when the Aug. 7 episode debuts!

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