‘The Challenge’: Paulie Reveals The 1 Regret He Has Over Cara Maria & Danielle Maltby Love Triangle

The relationship between Paulie and Cara Maria is front and center on this season of ‘The Challenge: Final Reckoning,’ and he shared his side of the story with HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY!

Paulie Calafiore and his partner, Natalie Negrotti, were eliminated — and sent to the Redemption House — on the July 24 episode of The Challenge: Final Reckoning, but even during his short time on the show, Paulie managed to cause quite a stir. Despite having a girlfriend, Danielle Maltby, at home, the Big Brother alum found himself in the middle of a love triangle with Cara Maria Sorbello and her ex, Kyle Shore. At the time of his elimination, his relationship with Cara never got past flirtation. However, before The Challenge premiere, news broke that Paulie and Cara hooked up did hook up before he broke up with Danielle.

“I think the world of Danielle,” Paulie admitted to HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “The fact that Cara and Danielle started catching a whole bunch of s*** because of the situation…that’s one thing that I wish was handled better. Why are you going to go after Cara and throw it in Danielle’s face? I’m the one who f***ed up, so if you’re gonna blame someone, blame me. It was my f*** up and I can handle dealing with that, but Danielle doesn’t need to see s*** thrown in her face from other people.” Eventually, Paulie did call Danielle and end their relationship, and he and Cara have been an item since filming ended.

At first, Cara was admittedly flirting with Paulie to make Kyle jealous, though, and Paulie revealed that there was a lot we didn’t see when it came to his involvement in all of that. “At that point in the season, [Cara and I] were close –very close friends,” Paulie revealed. “I was just making sure she wasn’t doing too many things out of character just because Kyle didn’t want her. I kept telling her…I know we have a great connection, but you don’t want to look out of character because you’re upset over this guy. I was there for her. I really enjoyed her company and really liked her.”

He also had various conversations with Kyle, urging him to just hook up with Cara, rather than forcing her to use flirtation to make him jealous. “I tried to have a normal conversation with Kyle twice to put his mind at ease,” Paulie explained. “I was like — yo, man to man, focus on the game. I think we could work together and have a great relationship and be a strong alliance. But he let the jealousy of Cara talking to me get to his head.”

As for his relationship with his partner (and former Vendetta), Natalie…things are going well. “At this point in the game, we were not [getting along],” he admitted. “We kind of brushed everything under the rug real quick because we didn’t have time to hash it out — we had a target on our back immediately. Throughout our journey is where we really hashed everything out and solidified our bond. I look at her like a little sister. I love the girl. I’d die for her.”

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