Chelsea Frei: How ‘Sideswiped’ Star Went From Making Comedic Insta Vids To Starring In The Series

As a recent NYU grad struggling to find work as an actress, Chelsea Frei turned to Instagram to promote her comedic talent. Now, she’s starring in Carly Craig’s highly-anticipated new series ‘Sideswiped.’

The beloved character Chelsea Frei created on Instagram is one you all know — she’s an overprotective mother, who has something to say about everything her daughter “Julie” does; she’s a woman about town, who is always getting the gossip from her Stepford Community friends, she overspends on her “husband” Bob’s credit card, and she hates how loud the music is in Hollister. “The mom videos that I make were totally based on the way I see my mom and some of her friends talk. Like when they whisper, ‘Did you hear what happened?’ and it’s like nobody’s listening to them!” Chelsea laughed while talking to “The characters kind of morphed from there because I just kept getting ideas from friends and just everybody has a mom who’s acted like that!” While Chelsea was creating this character, who she has named “Sue,” she was also desperately trying to move to LA to achieve her acting dream.

The hysterical, one-woman show Chelsea puts on in her short Instagram clips are not only incredibly relatable, but they also showcase her immense talent and creativity, which caught the eye of actress/director Carly Craig. Chelsea was cast in Carly’s brainchild Sideswiped, in which she plays Carly’s sister, a married mother who is experiencing the “seven-year itch.” “I completely remember reading the script when I auditioned and I was just like, ‘This is this just falls off my tongue,’” Chelsea recalled. “It literally was my voice and I just loved how she has this intense optimism about life and it kind of bites her in the butt a little bit because she definitely dove into this married and baby life very soon.”

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In her first big gig, Chelsea stars alongside the renowned Rosanna Arquette, as well, who plays her recently widowed mother. The story follows Carly’s real-life experience on Tinder dates. She admitted to HollywoodLife that she went on over 252 dates before meeting her now-boyfriend. Chelsea, who has had a boyfriend for two years, said she’s had a few tragic dates herself, but the one dating faux pas she hates the most: ghosting. “It’s so mean. Like who raised you?!” she exclaimed.

You can watch Sideswiped on YouTube Premium, premiering today, July 25th!

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