Chris Brown ‘Gutted’ Rihanna Didn’t Wish Him Happy Birthday: He Still Thinks About Her Every Day

Chris Brown’s pretty distraught that his 29th birthday came and went without some love from his ex Rihanna. Here’s all the EXCLUSIVE info!

As fans know, Chris Brown just turned 29! However, we’re learning that the day came with a sobering realization — perhaps his ex Rihanna, 30, has really moved on. His special day didn’t include any birthday wishes from the “Work” songstress, which got Chris down. “Chris was absolutely gutted that Rihanna didn’t reach out to wish him a happy birthday, it would have meant so much to him,” a source tells EXCLUSIVELY. “He thought she might send him a DM or a text, and he kept checking his phone all day, but it was just radio silence.”

The insider also shared that, despite their history and time apart, he still wants her in his life. “It’s been years since they split, but he still thinks about her every day, it breaks his heart that they don’t even talk anymore. Chris came under a lot of fire after he posted a birthday message for Rihanna earlier this year, but he thought it was worth the heat to let her know he still loves and cares about her, it really pained him that she clearly doesn’t feel the same way.”

We recently reported that Ri is considering moving to Paris, France in order to be closer to her beau Hassan Jameel, with whom she’s reportedly been talking marriage. All of which has Chris shocked and saddened. “He has major regrets about how things ended between them and he feels like the more serious she gets with her boyfriend, the less chance he has of ever getting back together with her,” a source close to Chris previously told EXCLUSIVELY. “Chris is disappointed that he may never have another shot at making things right with Rihanna. If she ends up marrying this guy, Chris will be devastated.” Let’s hope Chris had an amazing birthday regardless!

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