Chris Brown Missing Rihanna More Than Ever As She Posts Sexy Pics: It’s ‘Driving Him Crazy’

Rihanna’s hot new topless pics are driving Chris Brown ‘crazy’. And the photos are really making him ‘want to be with her again’.

Chris Brown may need a cold shower, as we recently discovered “[he] is loving all the sexy pics Rihanna has been posting for her lingerie and beauty line. He thinks she looks sexier than ever and he is totally turned on by her perfect curves. The pics are making him miss her even more and he wishes they were still together. Not only does he still have a lot of love for her still, but her topless pics are driving him crazy with desire. Chris really wants to be with her again,” a source close to Chris Brown tells HollywoodLife.

As we previously told you, Rihanna stripped naked to promote her new Fenty beauty line, so we can’t blame Chris for getting all worked up over the pics. Especially considering the history they have together — it’s natural to desire an ex again when they’re looking super hot. And truth be told, Rihanna’s looks gorgeous in these photos! But let’s be honest… Chris Brown, 29, has never stopped loving Rihanna, 30. In fact, we recently learned he “thinks about her every day” and was “gutted” when she didn’t wish him a happy birthday the first week of May. “Chris was absolutely gutted that Rihanna didn’t reach out to wish him a happy birthday, it would have meant so much to him,” another source told us earlier this month.

Perhaps these hot new pics will entice Chris to reach out to Rihanna, instead of waiting for her to reach out to him. But he should be careful, as she already has a boyfriend — one who has a ton of money. Chris may have to wait until she’s single again — if that ever happens, of course.

Anyway, see Rihanna’s hot pics in our photo gallery above!

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