Chrissy Teigen’s New Court Show Includes A Few Cameos From Her Famous Family

Chrissy Teigen may be known as the Queen of Twitter, but she’s setting her sights on a new kingdom: the courtroom. In her new Quibi series, Chrissy’s Court, Teigen presides over small claims court cases as trivial as couples refusing to watch the same show. Her mom, Vilailuck Teigen, serves as the bailiff, and John Legend makes a cameo too, but Teigen is inarguably the star. As Variety‘s Daniel D’Addario put it, "She is the show and the show is her."

As such, it seems like Legend — despite his brief appearance — is happy to sit back and let Teigen take the spotlight for this project. Though the two have collaborated in the past, such as with their 2018 Christmas special A Legendary Christmas, as Legend tweeted in March, "Chrissy was born to do this show," which seems to be modeled after her exact sensibilities. According to Variety, Teigen’s verdicts are guided by her personal opinions and whichever plaintiff she happens to think is most likable, making Chrissy’s Court "just a framework for Teigen to do some bits," D’Addario wrote.

The good news? If you’re a fan of Teigen, you’ll love the show — and really, why would you be watching if you weren’t?

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