Christmas eyebrows are the must-have trend for the festive season

Brow that’s what I call Christmas! Arches adorned with glitter, holly and SANTA hats sweep Instagram as the festive season takes hold

  • Instagrammers across the world have been getting festive with Christmas brows
  • Artistic beauty bloggers are using sequins and glitter to embellish their brows 
  • Some even paint miniature Christmas lights and Santa hats onto their eyebrows

This year beauty watchers have seen the rise of the garden and the fishtail eyebrow. 

And with Christmas around the corner, the latest beauty trend to sweep Instagram  has a festive flavour. 

As December 25th draws near, creative beauty bloggers are embellishing their brows with everything from mistletoe to sequins and Santa hats.   

Some have shared snaps of their brows painted green and red, while other skilled artists have used multi-coloured eye pencils to draw on convincing miniature Christmas lights. 

So if you’re looking to turn heads at your office party this year, scroll down for inspiration… 

The latest trend to sweep Instagram among beauty bloggers worldwide are Christmas brows, with one clever artist adorning her eyebrows with multi-coloured sequins and green glitter

Make Up artist Sophie Anne even proved her skills as she painted her eyebrow with faux miniature fairylights which cleverly connected to her winged eyeliner

Meanwhile Envious ink Cosmetics painted a model’s brow with a faux Santa hat, using the brow as a base for the white fur on the classic Father Christmas hat

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Kendals House Of Brows went for a more toned down version of the festive brow, adding just a sprinkling of heart-shaped sequins and painting a few delicate snowflakes around it

Meanwhile the Brow Lounge painted their model’s whole eyebrow white, adding a small candy stick and soft snowflakes for the ultimate festive brow

Elsewhere LB Cosmetics Tattoo went for simple statement brows, painting them bright red with the addition of a fluffy white ball to turn them into mini Santa hats

The Brow Lounge chose to go for statement bushy brows, leaving them untouched besides a delicate mistletoe painted to the corner of their model’s eyebrow

LB Cosmetics Tattoo offered attention to detail by carefully embellishing their model’s brows with coral coloured sequins for a Christmas-chic finish


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