Colorado couple learns baby's gender by skiing through colored clouds

It’s a girl!

Soon-to-be parents Amanda and Greg Day came up with a creative way to reveal the sex of their baby: skiing down the side of a mountain in Colorado.

Greg and a group of his friends attached colored smoke bombs to their ski poles and skinned up to Hoosier Pass, while Amanda waited at the base of the mountain to find out the exciting news.

Once the group reached the top of the mountain’s peak, the father-to-be pulled a string which discharged bright pink billows of smoke into the sky.

“It’s a girl!” everyone cheered, raising their poles in the air. As they skied down, vibrant pink clouds trailed behind them in the fresh powder.

“Best day of my life,” Greg said when he reached his wife at the bottom. The pair celebrated in the snow and rose-colored clouds, later sharing the special moment on Facebook.

The pair celebrated in the snow and rose-colored clouds. Baby Day is due in July.

“We truly have the best friends ever. Please enjoy this amazing video, created by Dustin Farrenkopf, Pete Iskyan, & Joe Large,” Greg wrote in his Facebook post which has garnered over 7,000 views. “We had so much fun — making this happen and celebrating with all of our friends.”

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