Comedy Central’s ‘Comedians Solve World Problems’ Goes Global

Comedy Central has tasked comics from around the globe with solving major global issues with new versions of its shortform series “Comedians Solve World Problems” underway in the U.S. and elsewhere.

The original version of the show was made by Comedy Central International for the U.K. and is now being taken into Asia and the U.S. where ten and five episode series respectively, have been produced.

There are also local versions in the works in the Benelux region and France and Spain in Europe. Elsewhere, there are shows being made in Brazil and Mexico, the Middle East and North Africa region, and South Africa.

Each installment features two local comedians who sit across a table from one another and talk about pressing topical or moral issues, ranging, in the U.K. version, from overpopulation to sexism, racism and gentrification.

The new local versions will align on tacking some issues, giving a global comedic take on pressing matters of the day. The U.K. show was available on digital platforms in several parts of the world and has generated five million views.

The local shows will run on digital platforms including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat beginning in March 2019. In Asia the series will also be on the Comedy Central linear channel.

Viacom has been building out its digital production capability internationally, launching VDSI last year. It has digital production hubs in Buenos Aires, New York and London.

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