Connell’s Chain Is Over — Face Mask Chains Are The Must-Have Accessory You’ll Be Seeing Everywhere

The most stylish way to keep your mask within reach at all times.

Wearing a face covering has become a normal part of modern life. In fact, in many places — such as inside shops and on public transport — face masks are now mandatory. While the purpose of this is for safety rather than vanity, who says masks can’t be stylish and protective? There are plenty of beautiful designs out there, from Liberty floral prints to bright and bold block colours. And to accessorise your face mask? You’ll need a face mask chain, which has a number of useful benefits.

Chains and lanyards that attach a face mask around your neck are increasing in popularity. Why? Well, they allow you to carry your face mask at all times, and pop it on when needed. Chains also keep you from losing your face covering, and can help with hygiene issues; when taking your mask on and off, you won’t actually need to touch it. Plus, there’s no denying face mask chains make for a stylish accessory.

The idea first appeared on the internet in May, shared by Alison Freer in The Strategist’s ‘This Thing’s Incredible’ column. Freer was inspired by an Instagram post by jewellery brand Éliou, who posted a picture where they’d re-imagined one of their sunglasses chains as a mask holder.

The key is to find a chain that has clippy attachments, rather than the plastic hoops that most modern glasses holders have. When I first bought one after seeing Freer’s article, there were only a few available online. But since, sites such as Etsy and Amazon have upped their game, and you’ll now find you’re spoilt for choice.

Here are a few of the coolest ones I’ve seen recently:

This playful, cute beaded number is bright and colourful, and would look lovely with a simple block colour mask. And at £5, you really can’t go wrong.

Masks are now the new normal, so we might as well embrace them – this chain brings a touch of happiness (in lettering) and style (complete with a pink bow at the back of the neck) to this protective essential.

If you’d prefer to keep things simple, this silver chain is the one – it can also be used to hold your glasses, when masks are not required.

This imitation pearl necklace brings elegance to any mask – whether colourful, patterned or monochrome – for a chic accessory.

Keep it minimalistic and cool, with this modern gold-plated option that’s part practical chain, part pretty accessory.

If you want a robust chain that’s guaranteed to secure your mask, choose this fabric lanyard, which also comes with a cute charm.

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